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Properties of Adrafinil


Please note: Adrafinil is not for human consumption. It is intended for research purposes only. We do not endorse adrafinil or consumption of anynootropic. Adverse effects and complications of thischemical are sole responsibility of the user.This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Louis Lafon Laboratories developed adrafinil in France during the 70’s. It is one of the most popular nootropic agents that have been used due to its behavioural stimulating effects. Despite producing these stimulating effects, adrafinil is very interesting as it does not caused any undesirable side effects that is normally seen on most stimulants. It is classified under the drug classification eugregoric. Eugregoric drugs are unique stimulating agents that are primarily defined as “good arousal” drugs.

Many users have sworn that adrafinil has numerous potential benefits. These benefits include improved memory, increased vigilance, enhanced productivity, immediate recall, increased stamina, and better mental capacity amongst others. These benefits make adrafinil a wonder drug that you might want to use. You might be interested in learning more about this drug, hence, here are some few answers to some of your questions to provide you an overview on what to expect in buying and ingesting this nootropic drug.

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Drug classification of adrafinil

Eugregoric drug

Alpha adrenergic agonist

Where does adrafinil comes from?

Adrafinil is a synthetic drug that can only be developed from laboratories. It is not present on any dietary source hence; it must be taken as a supplement.

10g Adrafinil imageWhat is the structure of adrafinil?

Adrafinil has a similar structure to its bioactive metabolite and chemical cousin MODAFINIL. The only difference is that adrafinil’s amide hydroxyl group.

What does adrafinil looks and smells like?

If you want to ensure that you were able to buy authentic adrafinil, you can do so through determining its physical properties. Firstly, it has an off-white color which makes it appear almost “orangish”. Some describes it as pinkish orange. Adrafinil is sold as a crystalline powder under the brand name Olmifon.

Akin to other nootropic agents, adrafinil is fluffy similar to your average flour. It has larger granules, which is similar to confectioner’s sugar. Adrafinil is lightly soluble in water wherein some adrafinil powder will dissolve in water while the rest stays afloat or undissolved. Its smell is described as lightly sulfurous. It has been compared to stale marijuana smoke or burning rubber as well.

How does adrafinil tastes like?

Users, particularly first time users of adrafinil describe its taste as “awful.” It has a sulfuric taste to it primarily due to the sulfur compound on its chemical structure. It is recommended that you ingest adrafinil in the morning on an empty stomach or an hour before going to work or school.

How is adrafinil metabolized in the body?

Adrafinil is metabolized as modafinil in the liver. Research however has shown that it can also be metabolized to modafinil sulfone or modafinilic. It can also be directly metabolized into modafinilic without producing any modafinil compound.

How long do the effects of adrafinil lasts?

The half-life of adrafinil is 1 hour until it is metabolized by the body to modafinil. Since it needs to be converted into modafinil in the liver, reports from users reveal that adrafinil lasts within 12 to 15 hours.

How is adrafinil eliminated from the body?

Similar to modafinil, adrafinil is eliminated from the body through urination. This might explain the sulfur like smell of your urine after intake of adrafinil. In addition, some users report that their sweat smells like light sulfur. Hence, it might be possible that adrafinil is being eliminated through your sweat glands as well.

How should you store adrafinil powder?

You should store adrafinil in a water-resistant container. Store it at -20 degree Celsius.

What is adrafinil used for?

Adrafinil is primarily used in increasing vigilance amongst users. It is being used by individuals who need to work on varying shifts (e.g. nurses, doctors, truck drivers, stewardess) as it decreases the need of sleep and fatigue that is normally experienced by people who are working on the aforementioned professions/jobs.

Clinical studies however have shown that it can be used in improving memory, attention and vigilance. It also has neuroprotective properties making it an ideal supplement for elderlies with deteriorating mental capacity. Other clinical trials have shown that it can also be utilized by individuals with mild cognitive disorders. Some possible clinical use warranting further research includes adrafinil’s use in treating the following:

•Parkinson’s disease

•Alzheimer’s disease

•Age related memory impairment (AAMI)


Despite these potential beneficial effects, it is critical that you consult your doctor before taking any nootropic agent or supplements. Special precautions should be considered if you are suffering from liver problems, taking hepatotoxic drugs, lactating or pregnant.