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How does oxiracetam work?


Please note: This article is strictly for entertainment purposes only.Oxiracetam is not for human consumption. It is intended for research purposes only. We do not endorse oxiracetam or any drug use. Adverse effects and complications of this drug are sole responsibility of user.

Oxiracetam is a nootropic agent characterized to be more potent than its predecessor, piracetam, in enhancing memory and learning. It was developed by an Italian drug company and was marketed during the late 1970s. It was distributed throughout Europe even reaching the Japanese market after Ciba-Geigy licensed it. Despite gaining wider audience, the US Food and Drug Administration, has not recognized the use of oxiracetam as a drug supplement and as a treatment for any of its labeled uses.

Unlike other racetams (e.g. piracetam, aniracetam), oxiracetam is seldom prescribed by healthcare providers in treating various mental problems. Nonetheless, animal studies have shown that oxiracetam is quite effective a variety of problems involving brain health and cognitive decline. Some human clinical trials have also indicated that oxiracetam is effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and organic solvent abuse. From herein, there has been an increase in interest with the use of oxiracetam as a supplement for improving brain function amongst the young and old who are seeking pharmacological aids.

How Does Oxiracetam Work - Buy NowWhat is oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is a nootropic agent under the racetam family. It has a similar chemical structure to piracetam containing a hydroxyl group on its four carbon. It is also known as a water soluble nootropic that is used to enhance cognitive functioning and memory. Oxiracetam acts as an AMPA receptor and neurotransmitter modulator and as GABA analogue that is able to support phospholipid metabolism.

How does oxiracetam work?

Despite numerous clinical trials done to unearth how oxiracetam works, its exact mechanism remains to be clouded with mystery. Experts however suggest that it functions through facilitating the production of glutamate and acetylcholine. Acetylcholine assists helps in supporting attention in the central nervous system. It also plays a role in activating the muscles of the peripheral nervous system. Glutamate on the other hand plays a critical role in maintaining neuronal transmissions, memory formation and learning. Oxiracetam also functions as a neuromodulator influencing learning ability and short term memory formation.

Learning and memory enhancement mechanism

Oxiracetam functions similarly with aniracetam. Both racetam noootropic agents improve long-term potentiation in the ippocampus. It also aids in enhancing signaling efficiency leading to improved glutamate release. Enhance glutamate release helps in stimulating the AMPA receptors. Upon activating AMPA receptors, influx of calcium leads to the stimulation of protein kinase C, a major intermediary protein for memory formation. It also potentiated brain’s acetylcholine release. Considering oxiracetam’s ability to improve memory and learning, it appears that his drug has the ability to facilitate cholinergic and glutaminergic neurotransmission.

Other mechanisms

Psychostimulatory properties

Other than the abovementioned mechanisms, oxiracetam is thought to have psychostimulatory properties. It has the ability to promote attention and arousal via its cholinergicproperties leading to improved memory. Its psychostimulatory properties prevent oxiracetam users to stay awake for prolonged periods of time.

Neuroprotective properties

Oxiracetam is thought to having nuroprotective properties. It is able to eliminate brain toxins decreasing toxicity in the brain that impairs memory formation. Experts suggest to take oxiracetam as a pre-treatment to obtain its neuroprotective capabilities.

Anti-amnesic properties

Another mechanism that has been associated with oxiracetam is its ability to prevent memory problems Although it is unable to directly affect dopamine production, oxiracetam has amnesiac properties through preventing dopamine antagonists.

What are the benefits of taking oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is effective in improving cognition and memory. Anecdotal evidence and user reports shows that this particular nootropic agent has the ability to facilitate mood, increase memory capacity, improve concentration as well as memory. These benefits are further supported by numerous researches involving individuals diagnosed with cognitive disorders and healthy individuals.

Treatment of dementia and amnesia

Studies have shown that prolonged treatment with oxiracetam leads to decreased symptoms of dementia. In one study, elderly patients diagnosed with dementia of Alzheimer’s type and multi–infarct dementia are treated with oxiracetam and placebo for 6 months. Results revealed that study participants who were treated with oxiracetam demonstrate significant improvements on most neuropsychological tests compared to those who were under placebo. This study only shows that this particular racetam supplement can help in treating dementia. Other studies have also shown that oxiracetam has beneficial effects amongst animals and individuals suffering from amnesia and other memory problems

Memory enhancement

The ability of oxiracetam to improve memory is perhaps its most eminent beneficial effect. Numerous study involving oxiracetam have shown that it has the ability to significantly improve memory of both elderly and young patients suffering from memory problems due to old age, trauma and cognitive degenerative diseases. Several clinical trials have also purported that it has the ability to facilitate spontaneous and long-term memory formation.

Other than these benefits, oxiracetam is thought to improve attention, logical performance and general cognition. It also helps in enhancing behavioral and functional abilities. Indeed, oxiracetam is a novel nootropic drug that can possibly help patient suffering from memory and cognition disorders.