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Alpha GPC: The most effective synthetic choline source

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If you are interested in using choline supplements to improve your brain health, you might have come across Alpha GPC already. Alpha GPC is one of the best sources of choline and despite the availability of numerous products out there, it is one of the most popular. There are reasons behind its fame and reputation one of which includes its compatibility with other categories of brain supplements particularly that of nootropic agents.


Alpha GPC is a popular ingredient in many brain supplements including Alpha Brain. It is also available as an independent product and you can purchase it from different online brain supplement shops. Alpha GPC is best stacked with nootropics such as piracetam, aniracetam and noopept.

What are the benefits of choline in the body?

Adolf Strecker first discovered choline in 1864. It was then synthesized into a chemical two years thereafter. In 1998, US Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board classified choline as an essential nutrient. Early on, choline was also identified as a necessary nutrient to prevent fatty liver conditions and regulate cholesterol levels in the body.

The human body can create choline however; it is able to do so in small amounts only. Hence, we must be able to consume it from different dietary resources to ensure that we are able to get choline in proper levels. It can be found in several foods such as liver and eggs. Still, the amounts available in these dietary sources are inadequate. Therefore, you must take it in supplement forms.

Choline is an essential nutrient to all people particularly amongst pregnant women. Insufficient choline intake leads to memory problems amongst children and neural tube defects amongst infants. An animal study even shows that choline supplementation in conception produces offspring with greater intelligence scores. Alpha GPC has also been shown to help brain recovery after trauma, injury and surgery. It is also documented to improve cognitive performance and memory amongst patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease whilst increase dopamine levels amongst patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Studies have also shown that it counteracts loss of nerve fibers and neurons in the brain and prevent accumulation of toxins in the brain and other anatomic parts of the body. Moreover, it has been shown to help patients recover from brain ischemic attacks.

Other than its beneficial effects on the brain, choline also helps in the secretion of growth hormones amongst all walks of life. It also prevents atherosclerosis and liver problems. It also increases the levels of some liver enzymes such as ALT helping the body promote healthy liver functioning.

Alpha GPC, choline and nootropic stacking

As reflected above, it is of no doubt that choline and its resources are beneficial to your body functioning. Still, the primary reason of taking Alpha GPC is its obvious effects on brain functioning and health. Alpha GPC is particularly effective when used with piracetam and other cholinergic nootropic agents. Anecdotal evidence and some research have shown that Alpha GPC and other sources of choline augments the beneficial effects of some cognitive enhancers.

When stacked with other nootropics such as piracetam, you will surely experience a rather significant boost on your overall mental capacity such as recall fluidity, brain energy, learning, memory, abstract thinking and analytical reasoning. Alpha GPC and other choline sources create a synergistic effecs with nootropic agents such as piracetam increasing the demand of acetylcholine on some brain receptors. More importantly, choline sources can help prevent some undesirable effects of piracetam including headaches.

Synthetic choline sources

There are numerous synthetic source of choline. The most popular ones include Alpha GPC, Centrophenoxine and CDO choline. These synthetic sources do an effective job in producing nootropic beneficial effects because of their ability to cross the blood brain barrier. All of these synthetic sources are being stacked with other racetam supplements. However, they can also be used as a standalone supplements for cognitive enhancement.

Of the abovementioned options, many people think that Alpha GPC is the best choline supplement. This is because this particular drug acts a little differently in increasing the levels of acetylcholine in the brain. Studies have shown that it is able to provide the best transportation of effects in the brain. It is also more concentrated that CDP choline having the same amount of choline even at a dosage of less than 54%.Per weight basis, it has also been shown to be more effective in numerous clinical trials.

For these reasons, it is to no doubt that, Alpha GPC is one of the best and most effective synthetic sources of choline. Click here to buy Alpha GPC.