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Buy Tianeptine UK 5 Facts About Tianeptine You’ve Never Heard Of

Tianeptine sodium is a novel antidepressant used in Europe. It’s a pretty interesting drug, pharmacologically speaking. Since tianeptine is unregulated in the US and elsewhere, it’s increasingly being used for mood enhancement by individuals who experiment with nootropics. Here are

8BitBrain__516x324 How Do They Work?

There are many different nootropics, explaining the mechanism of action of each individual one would be a very long article. However, there are some general pathways that should be described. Some mechanisms are so new Continue reading

Noopept-10mg__516x324 Noopept - The Latest Nootropic

One important flagship Nootropic is Noopept. A team funded by Russian pharmaceutical company JSC LEKKO, began studies by simulating brain injury in the laboratory. This allowed scientists to effectively tests different compounds to determine their Continue reading