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Sulbutiamine (AKA Arcalion) is a lipophilic synthetic derivative of thiamine (Vitamin B1) which is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier very quickly and easily. Sulbutiamine was developed in Japan in an attempt to find a synthetic compound able to deliver thiamine to the brain more efficiently in order to treat those suffering from cerebral chronic fatigue. At this time, Sulbutiamine is the only treatment for this condition and when taken produces a mild stimulating effect. Sulbutiamine has been found to possess many nootropic properties detailed below.

It has also been shown as a useful treatment for those suffering from psychogenic erectile dysfunction in recent clinical trials.

It is advised not to take Sulbutiamine after midday as insomnia may occur. It is not advised to use Sulbutiamine as a daily regiment due to the tolerance which quickly builds up. Instead, maximum benefit is achieved from utilising this nootropic when energy and focus is needed most.


Key Findings

Shown to improve mood.[8]

Effective as a treatment for chronic fatigue known as Asthenia.[1][2]

Improves memory.[3][4][5]  

Shown to heighten focus and boost energy.[1][2]

Shown to help those with psychogenic erectile dysfunction.[6]



Developed as a treatment for Asthenia, Sulbutiamine has a mild stimulating effect promoting wakefulness, motivation and focus. It has also been found to increase memory and general cognition by increasing levels of acetylcholine. For this reason it has been used as a memory enhancer for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

Memory is improved via Sulbutiamine’s potentiation of reward centers, cholinergic and glutamatergic transmission. Animal studies have shown an increase in operant conditioning test,[3] and objective recognition.[4]

Studies have shown Sulbutiamine to be more effective at relieving the amnesic effects of dizocilpine in schizophrenics.[4] Alzheimer’s disease patients showed improved everyday activities when Sulbutiamine was used in conjunction with an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.[5]

Further studies have found that Sulbutiamine is an effective treatment for psychogenic erectile dysfunction (ED) with a study finding that 16 out of 20 patients effectively treated the symptoms of ED. As a safer and cheaper alternative to other ED medications, many believe this finding to be a significant therapeutic advancement.


How Does Sulbutiamine Work?

Sulbutiamine is able to stimulate the body by acting as a releasing agent for glutamate within the central nervous system. Glutamate is one of the body’s primary excitatory neurotransmitters allowing for CNS stimulation with important roles in memory and learning.[9][10]

Crossing the blood-brain-barrier is extremely easy for Sulbutiamine as it is a lipophilic molecule. This allows it to be more readily absorbed into the brain than thiamine (Vitamin B1). This is extremely useful as Sulbutiamine is converted to thiamine and so offers a better route of administration.[7]

Thiamine is converted within body into Acetylcholine and GABA.[3]

It has been shown that Sulbutiamine increases the density of D1 reward receptors within the prefrontal cortex via the reduction of reward neurotransmitter release.[8]



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