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Picamilon ( AKA pycamilon, nicotinoyl-GABA and pikamilon) is one of original GABA prodrugs developed in 1969 by the Soviet Union. Since its release by the All-Union Vitamins scientific research institute, Picamilon has subsequently found its way into further Japanese and Russian research laboratories as an effective tool for targeting the GABA receptor. Much like Phenibut, Picamilon is able to act on the GABA pathway to exhibit its calming effect by easily crossing the blood-brain-barrier and hydrolysing into both GABA and Niacin. Picamilon is one a unique nootropic as it has the ability to reduce anxiety but to also stimulate via the action of Niacin, when taken at higher doses.[1]


Key Findings

Shown to decrease anxiety through GABA action.[3]

Shown to enhance memory and learning.[1]

Found to be beneficial to those suffering from depression.[2]

Found to help those recovering from hangovers and the misuse of alcohol.[2]

Some benefit found to those suffering from migraine and headaches.[5]

Found effective against muscle weakness.[2]




Picamilon, unlike GABA itself, is able to readily cross the blood-brain-barrier due to the conjugate: Niacin (Vitamin B). Once within the central nervous system, Picamilon is split into GABA and Niacin. GABA is the body’s chief inhibitory neurotransmitter, and so is able to decrease anxiety and induce a feeling of calm.[3] Niacin acts as a vasodilator; widening blood vessels and allowing more oxygen and nutrients to pass into the brain.[4] This, in turn, allows for the brain to action many cognitive processes with more speed: giving some slight stimulation.

Picamilon is known to be extremely safe and non-toxic, with no known allergic or carcinogenic effects. Although rare, some mild side effect may occur in a small minority, these include nausea, dizziness and rashes. If you experience any side effects you must consult a medical practitioner and discontinue its use immediately.




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