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In general the term "ginseng”  is used to describe a variety of herbs know medicinally in various countries. The "true” Ginseng that most people are familiar with is called Panax AKA Asian Ginseng, this is the most commonly used type of Ginseng. Each individual Ginseng has its own unique properties, with Panax, medicinal recognition came when its "heating” properties where identified. Heating improved circulation which was a much sought after effect at the time. Since this initial use, many studies have found an array of beneficial nootropic and non-nootropic effects.


Key Findings

Anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties shown.[5]

Shown to improve cognitive and memory performance.[2]

Study has shown general improvement in overall quality of life.[7]

Can help regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics.[8]

Effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. [4][6][2]

Effective against menopause symptoms.[1]



Scientists quickly found that the active ingredients within Ginseng were called Ginsenosides which are separated into two distinct categories, Rb1 and Rg1. As a steroid molecule, Rb1 has been shown to have an assortment of positive nootropic effects such as boosting stamina and general energy. On the other hand the Rg1 has a completely different property, with the main action being as a barrier against memory loss. There have also been hormonal effects associated with Ginseng, as it is believed artificial hormones within Ginseng are used in place of the body’s own natural hormones. This may be the cause of its positive effects on the symptoms associated with menopause, as the Ginseng may effectively replace oestrogen for certain functions.


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