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Many confuse Citicoline (AKA CDP Choline, Cognizin) with the commonly found Choline Bitartrate. There is a major difference, as normal Choline Bitartrate is not a nootropic on its own and does not cross the blood brain barrier as freely. Citicoline has been shown to have a stimulant action on the body, completely unrelated to its other mechanism of action. Citicoline is much better as it is the intermediate between choline and acetylcholine and can actually help your body convert Choline into acetylcholine. Citicoline also produced Cytidine which is important in the formation of nucleic acids and so supplementing with Citicoline is much more beneficial than simply Choline Bitartrate.


Key Benefits

Used as a treatment for Bipolar Disorder,[2] Alzheimer’s disease,[3] and liver diseases.[2]

Shown to improve mood, ability to learn and memory.[1]

Increases density of reward receptors,[9] shown to boost focus and and mental energy.[10]

Has been shown to improve vision on those with Glaucoma and Amblyopia.[11]

Healthy pregnancies require sufficient levels of Choline.[6][7][8]

Shown to help those suffering from alcoholism.[5]




Due to the fact Citicoline increases levels of Choline it is important to talk about the benefits of Choline first. In 1975 it was discovered that Acetylcholine was released after supplementation of Choline, since then research has been on going to identify the benefits of Choline and Acetylcholine.

Citicoline not only provides a source of Choline but also aids in the production of the enzyme responsible for converting Choline into Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is vital for memory, and can also act as an important neuromodulator. Acetylcholine has been shown as a vital neurotransmitter involved in the enhancement of sensory perception when we wake up, and sustaining attention.

Due to the fact that many nootropics work by actively using Acetycholine, it is extremely important to have an abundance in your system to benefit from improved cognition. This is particularly true for the Racetam family and Noopept, which owe much of their nootropic action to the use of Acetylcholine. For those who do not get enough natural Choline in their diet, there may be mild headaches associated with Racetam use, which can be prevented with Citicoline supplementation.



Choline has been shown to enhance learning and memory in animal studies.[1]

Citicoline has been shown to increase the level of reward receptors in the brain and so may have a use as an antidepressant as these receptors are involved in reward and pleasure. Furthermore, higher levels of Acetylcholine receptors were also found after administration of Citicoline in animal studies.[9]

Studies indicate that Citicoline may act as a psychostimulant and actively cause an increase in mental energy and focus due to an increase in frontal lobe bioenergetics.[10]

Citicoline has been shown as an effective treatment to help those suffering with vision diseases such as Glaucoma and Amblyopia, by having a neuroprotective effect.[10]

Choline has been used as an effective treatment in Bi-Polar (Manic Depressive) disorder.

Further studies have proven Choline to be effective in treating Alzhiemer’s due to its Acetylcholine action,[3] and in treating liver disease.[2]

Choline is widely regarded as an important supplement in pregnancy, and subsequent successful delivery without certain complications.[6][7][8]


How Does Citicoline Work?

Citicoline works in direct and indirect ways. Boosting levels of Choline, and phosphatidylcholine allows for a vast change in neuronal processes. Choline is converted into Acetylcholine via the enzyme phosphatidylcholine, so by having more in the body you can essentially increase the beneficial nootropic effects of Acetylcholine. Citicoline has also been found to have psychostimulant action, including benefits to the maintenance of motor function via the somatic nervous system. By activating the frontal lobe bioenergetics, it is thought that Citicoline gives a CNS stimulant effects with an increase in focus and attention.[10] Further neuromodulator actions may be the cause of its neuronprotective properties, possibly increasing neuronal plasticity, as well as playing a vital role in cell membrane structure and function.




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