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Caffeine is the most commonly consumed nootropic substance in the world. As the active ingredient in Coffee beans, Caffeine is known in every continent of the world as a weak stimulant with some excellent nootropic benefits. Many people may not have known that Caffeine is not just a general central nervous system stimulant, but an interesting compound with some nootropic actions too. Caffeine is a psychoactive substance with properties that should make it a controlled substance, however, due to its long history and traditional heritage, it remains unregulated throughout most of the world.


Key Findings

Has been shown to boost alertness & focus, also reduces mental and physical fatigue.[7]

Coordination is improved, with a faster smoother flow of thought.[7]

Can help reduce symptoms of depression, with a lower suicide risk.[10]

Risk of developing certain types of cancer is reduced.[7][8]




Caffeine is a well-studied nootropic substance, and although most people may use caffeine on a regular basis, its exact mechanism is not common knowledge. As a water soluble compound, caffeine is readily available after ingestion, and crosses the blood brain barrier quickly. Caffeine acts by reducing the concentration of synaptic adenosine via antagonism of the adenosine receptors. Adensosine is responsible for promoting sleep and acts within the brain as a inhibitory neurotransmitter.[11] Dopamine and glutamate have also been implicated with the adenosine receptor and so Caffeine may have an effect on their action within the body also.[1]



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