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Key Benefits

Improves memory [7][4][8]

Increases brain processing & reaction speed [10]

Increase blood flow to the brain [2]

Neuroprotective effects [3]

Anti-inflammatory agent [5][6]


Vinpocetine (AKA Cavinton, Intelectol or Vinvamine) is a semisynthetic nootropic compound derived from Vincamine sourced from the periwinkle plant. Since the 1960’s Vinpocetine has been used all over the world for its potent nootropic benefits. Vinpocetine has been proven to increase brain processing speeds leading to increased reaction speed. Improvements in memory and a neuroprotective action have been found via increased cerebral blood flow to the brain and a general anti-inflamatory action. These interesting nootropic properties have led to Vinpocetine being looked at as a possible treatment for those with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other age related memory problem. 


Vinpocetine penetrates the blood brain barrier rapidly and enters the brain to exert its action. Vinpocetine is able to increase blood flow to neuronal tissue, [2][11] and although this action occurs in all part of the brain, it was more prominent in the basal ganglia, thalamus and visual cortex. [12]

Increased cerebral inflammation has been linked to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, for this reason it has been suggested that Vinpocetine’s anti-inflammatory action could help those suffering with these conditions.[5][6]

Neuroprotective effects have been seen with Vinpocetine via its anti-excitotoxic action.[3]

Memory as assessed using the Sternberg technique was found to be significantly improved following treatment with 40mg Vinpocetine when compared to placebo and results suggested a localised effect of the drug on the serial comparison stage of the reaction process.[8]

Vinpocetine was shown to have a marked benefit upon the memory of 12 healthy volunteers as tested by the Sternberg technique. [8]

Reaction speed to identifying stimuli was increased in healthy female volunteers after administration of Vinpocetine. [10]

How does Vinpocetine work?

Vinpocetine’s neuroprotective properties are mediated by its action as a Na+ channel and phosphodiesterase inhibitor.[9] It has also been found to inhibit the up-regulation of NF-κB by TNFα which further reduced neuroinflammation.  Vinpocetine has been shown to inhibit levels of IKK which in turn is able to prevent degradation of IkB. Low levels of IkB have been linked to higher instances of viral infection, autoimmune disease, and cancer. Higher levels of IkB have been implicated in memory and synaptic plasticity.[1][2]


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