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Noopept + Citicoline + Caffeine

20mg Noopept + 100mg Citicoline + 50mg Caffeine :

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Noopept + Citicoline + Caffeine

Independent certificate of analysis available upon request.

Key Synergistic Benefits

Noopept and Citicoline work together in synergy to give you a balanced and powerful nootropic effect. Not only do you get the individual nootropic benefits of each individual supplement, but since Citicoline boosts levels of Acetylcholine, the Noopept can give an even stronger effect on your body as it modulates the use and abundance of synaptic Acetylcholine. This added with the general stimulant and motivational properties of Caffeine make this a very balance and powerful stack. Perfect for those working late or as a pre-workout supplement.

Citicoline essentially allows Noopept to work at full capacity without the possibility of slowing down due to depleted Acetylcholine levels.

Recommended Dosage:

Take 2 - 3 times daily as required. Best taken with a meal.

Noopept Benefits

Shown to boost learning, memory and recall[1][2][3][4][5]

Shown to boost levels of Neuronal Growth Factor[1] [2][3][4][5]

Neuropretective properties[2][3][4][5]

Anti-oxidant properties have been shown[11]

Communication between left and right hemisphere improved[11]

Citicoline Benefits

Used as a treatment for Bipolar Disorder[2]Alzheimer’s disease [3]and liver diseases[2]

Shown to improve mood, ability to learn and memory[1]

Increases dopamine receptors [9], shown to boost focus and and mental energy[10]

Has been shown to improve vision on those with Glaucoma and Amblyopia.[11]

Healthy pregnancies require an sufficient levels of Choline[6][7][8]

Shown to help those suffering from alcoholism[5]

Caffeine Benefits

Has been shown to boost alertness and focus, also reduces mental and physical fatigue[7]

Coordination is improved, as well as faster smoother flow of thought[7]

Can help reduce symptoms of depression, with a lower suicide risk[10]

Risk of developing certain types of cancer is reduced[7][8]

For detailed information about each ingredient and list of cited sources, please follow the links below.

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