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Caffeine is the most commonly consumed nootrpic substance in the world. As the active ingredient in Coffee beans, Caffeine is known in every continent of the world as a weak stimulant with some excellent nootropic benefits. Many people may not have known that Caffeine is not just a general central nervous system stimulant, but an interesting compound with some nootropic actions. Caffeine a psychoactive substance with properties that should make it a controlled substance, however, due to its long history and traditional heritage, it remains unregulated throughout most of the world.


Many confuse Citicoline or CDP Choline with the common Choline Bitartrate. There is a major difference as normal Choline Bitartrate is not a nootropic on its own and does not cross the blood brain barrier as freely. Citicoline is the intermediate between Choline and Acetylcholine and can actually help your body convert Choline into Acetylcholine. Citicoline also produced Cytidine which is important in the formation of nucleic acids and so supplementing with Citicoline is much more beneficial than simply Choline Bitartrate.

Ginkgo Biloba

The Maidenhair tree is a unique special of tree with no known ancestors, it is from this tree that Ginkgo Biloba was first identified. As one of the oldest living species of tree, the leaves of the Maidenhair tree have been cultivated for centuries. Growing to a height of 120 feet and for a possible 1000 years, the leaves of this tree have been extensively studied for their medicinal content. Ginkgo Biloba has been so successful in the modern world, that it is the number one seller in France and Germany as the most prescribed herbal medicine, with a similar story in the USA and other parts of Europe.


In general the term "ginseng” is used to describe a variety of herbs know medicinally in various countries. The "true” Ginseng that most people are familiar with is called Panax AKA Asian Ginseng, this is the most commonly used type of Ginseng. Each individual Ginseng has its own unique properties, with Panax, medicinal recognition came when its "heating” properties where identified. Heating improved circulation which was a much sought after effect at the time. Since this initial use, many studies have found an array of beneficial nootropic and non-nootropic effects.
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