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25 Oct 2013

Make sure you know the risks of illegal prescription medications and discover the benefits of buying trusted smart drugs

The news pages have been rife with storiesof students taking ‘illicit smart drugs’ such as Modafinil and Adarall which are usually prescribed for narcolepsy and ADHD sufferers respectively. This spate of unsafe pill popping could damage the reputation of purpose made smart drugs aka nootropics like those available on our site. In this blog we’ll examine this trend, why it’s so worrying and the safe options for users ofsmart drugs.

Nootropics, smart drugs and prescription medications

Nootroopics refer to a general group of drugs that effect cognition, intelligence, attention, motivation and memory. Some nootropics require a prescription. These varieties include brands such as Ritalin and Adarall and are intended for medical use by people with cognitive impairment issues.

It’s the use of prescription medications by students in schools and universities that has attracted the attention of the media in the last 3 or 4 years. Most recently a report by Sky News found that up to 7% of the student population in Oxford and Cambridge are using cognitive stimulants. Modafinil is the main drug in use at these institutions.

Unfortunately when prescription medications are abused they can be at best ineffective for the desired use and at worst harmful to your health.

Ritalin and Adarall are commonly known as medication for children with ADHD, helping to improve their concentration. They should be safe enough for adults and have the same results right? Unfortunately they don’t. The way these drugs interact with an adult body is different to their breakdown in a child. Adults risk developing aggressive behaviour and even psychosis.

In addition to the potential dangers to your health taking prescription drugs that haven’t been prescribed to you is in fact against the law. The strength and dosage of prescription medications needs to be carefully monitored therefore supervision by a medical professional is absolutely necessary.

Racetam and other smart drugs

Other nootropics are used to help with certain medical conditions but are also okay for use as a ‘smart drugs’. Indeed Piracetam, of the same family of racetam drugs as Nefiracetam,Oxiracetam,Aniracetam,Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam, is given to epileptics, dyslexics and elderly people. The benefits of these drugs can be utilised by anyone.

We supply only the highest grade pure nootropics that are specifically designed to enhance cognitive ability. We want to provide a safe and effective supplement for fit and healthy people to take when they need a boost of concentration e.g. during exam periods. These drugs don’t require a prescription and can be taken by healthy individuals to enhancetheir brain power. Some formulas also increase physical stamina and cold resistance so they’re great to use when in training.

Most importantly recetams, the main family of nootropics we supply, are considered risk free. You can take these regularly during extended periods of study with no adverse side effects.

Our advice will always be not to waste your money on prescription medications that could have harmful side effects. Instead sourcing illegal supplies of dangerous stimulants it is far better to buy nootropics that produce proven results in cognitive performance.

If you need advice on the best product for you contactus today and we’ll be happy to help.

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