Cognition Enhancing Supplements
1) General: I am new to nootropics what are they?

The world of nootropics may seem a little complicated and confusing if you have no background knowledge on the brain and how it works. As a baginner, it is advised to read our "what are nootropics” articles in full.

Other great resources for learning more about which nootropics to use and the differences between them:

  • Search Wikipedia
  • Search the forum, this is a fantastic community, with many extremely intelligent and informative posts from experts in the field.
  • is also a good resource for user experiences.

2) General: What is the best nootropic for me? I am a student/athlete/designer/professional …etc

This is a very common question we get asked, simply because everyone has such a different goal when it comes to self-improvement. There is no "one-size-fits-all”, as everyone will react to different nootropics in a different way. The best thing to do is set out some goals (e.g. better speech, memory, focus etc)  then look at the product descriptions in detail, and read some user experiences for the product you want. Try each nootropic on its own to see how you react to it. Experienced users find that combining nootropics or "stacking” is a great way of getting the benefits of many different types of nootropics in one go. You may find some more information on carefully formulated nootropics stacks on the internet.

It is advised to use an internet search for the best nootropic combinations.

You may either search for a set of goals you wish to achieve, or you may search for information regarding nootropic stacks. Popular searches may include the following:

  • Best nootropic stack
  • Best nootropic for memory/focus/attention/energy/workout/study/exams/neuroprotection etc...
  • Study Stack
  • Nootropic combinations

3) General: What nootropics can I stack, and do they interact with other medication I am taking?

On the whole, nootropics are defined as "cognitive enhancers that are neuroprotective or extremely non-toxic.”, meaning that they very rarely cause any form of serious negative side effects, this is even true when combining them. However, it is advised to research any combination before hand, and begin a combination slowly and with low doses. Negative interactions between nootropics and medications are are extremely rare, however, it is advised that you speak with you healthcare professional before taking any nootropic supplement with any medication. Legally we are not able to provide you with medical advice regarding and medication you may be taking.

4) General: I have watched the film limitless, do you sell the drug “NZT-48” or something similar?

Many people who watched the 2011 hollywood film "Limitless" were effectively fooled into believing there is a drug which can increase ones brain capacity way beyond normal function. A clear pill given to Eddie Morra (played by Bradley cooper) was said to be clinically tested and FDA approved. To the surprise of the eager public, this made up drug was never made and has no real life drug which could induce a similar state of consciousness.

We write this article in response to a number of emails we routinely receive from customers begging for the "limitless" drug that will instantly change their life for the better and lead them to a life of riches, women and fulfillment. Although Nootropic substance do exist, they are no where close to the effects seen in the film.

The unprecedented amount of motivation seen only 30 seconds after ingestion is something most people probably realised was a farce, however, there are always those who are fooled and search the web for something similar.

The truth is that there is no commercially available magic bullet which will make you a genius overnight, but there are steps you can take to eventually increase your attention, mood, brain function, memory and focus with the use of nootropic supplements, in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. In this day and age, you can achieve this with the correct mind-set and a willingness to learn about nootropics and which ones are best for your needs.

5) General: I have taken a nootropic but I don’t feel anything!?

So many people come to us expecting a wonder drug like the one seen in the film "limitless”. This film features a fictional drug called "NZT-48” which gives the user super powers, in terms of brain power. In reality, the closest drug to NZT-48 would be prescription and illicit drugs such as Amphetamines and other strong stimulants, however, aside from being prescription or illegal, these drugs are addictive and detrimental to your health in the long term. Users often suffer withdrawals and mental illness following excessive use. Nootropics are different. If you feel that nootropics are not working for you, please read this detailed article Getting Started.

6) General: I am interested in your products, can send me a free sample?

We receive many requests for free samples from all over the world. If we were to fulfil each request we would lose a lot of money. Unfortunately, we do not offer free samples to customers.

7) Our Products: How will I receive my product?

Each item is sent out discreetly within a brown padded envelope. On the envelope is your address and our return address on the back (without company name printed). Tablets are stored within a heat sealed silver foil pouch with a zip-lock for easy re-sealing. Our pouches are made of the highest quality uv-protective material. All products are sold as white or slightly off white tablets unless otherwise specified.

8) Our Products: What is the shelf life of the products?

The vast majority of our products have a 1 – 3 year shelf life if stored properly. This means keeping them in a cool dark place, preferably in the sealed pouch they are packaged in. It is not advised to consume these products after the expiration date as potency can be substantially diminished.

9) Our Products: I am unsure of the purity of your products, how do I know what I am getting?

All of our products are made to the highest quality using only certified powders. Each products is professionally pressed into tablets of pharmaceutical quality. We offer a Certificate of Analysis for each product and if you would like to see it please email us at, or use our  "Contact Us” page.

9a) Shipping: How long does it take for shipping to my country?

Each country will have a different shipping time. As a guide, we have created a detailed shipping information page on our site Here. This page will give you all of the information you require about shipping prices, times and tracking. We would advise all customers to choose a tracked method of shipping, as this allows us to re-ship your product if there is any issue during transit. All products are sent out same day if ordered before 3pm GMT using the UK Royal Mail postal service. On special request we send out items using other couriers such as DHL, TNT and UPS.  If you require any ofthese services please contact us.

9b) Shipping: Do you ship to my country?

We ship to every country around the world.

9c) Shipping: Why were my orders combined into one envelope?

We strive to combine orders wherever possible to reduce the amount of packaging and waste involved in the sales process, as well as reducing the cost to us. In the instance that we combine two or more of your orders, the most expensive shipping option will be used for the shipment. This policy is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions of sale. Should you explicitly wish to have two separate order sent to you please email us at least 24 hours before dispatch, or you can write a note to us informing us of your request in the "special instructions” section of the checkout forms.

9d) Shipping: My item has not arrived?

If you have chosen a tracked method of shipment such as Royal Mail signed for and AirSure methods, we will check your tracking number to see where your item is located and inform you of the next step accordingly. Please note that it is Royal Mail policy to wait a full 30 working days from the point of shipment, before a claim can be made and we can re-ship the item for free. Please note that it may seem like a long time to wait, but we have known items to be delivered even 30 working days after being posted, so please be patient. In the even that at an un-tracked item has not arrived you are not eligible for a re-ship. This is clearly stated in the shipping information when you made your choice. We do offer a scanned proof of postage if you require, showing the date that your item was posted to you. This proof of postage is gathered for every un-tracked item we send out, and is officially stamped by Royal Mail on the day of dispatch.

9e) Shipping: My item has not arrived is it with customs?

If your item has not arrived within the usual time frame there is a small chance it could be held up by your local customs authority. Although extremely rare this can occasionally occur due to random inspections. We try to minimize customs check by filling out detailed customs forms for each item we sell internationally. Each item is labelled as "Dietary Supplement” if a customs form is required. We also put a low value on each custom form to minimise any extra charge for the importation to your country. In the event of a seizure by customs, it will usually take a few days to be completed, and if they have opened your package there will be a note attached to the envelope. If customs have decided the item is not eligible to be imported into the country you will not be refunded, as it is your responsibility to know the importation laws in your specific country.

9f) Payment: How can I pay for my products?

Please view our Payment Methods page for full details regarding the payment methods we accept. Please note that we do not accept Western Union, Bitcoin or Money Gram so please don’t ask.

9g) Errors: You have sent me the wrong product or quantity!

If you believe that you have received the wrong item orquantity, please first check the details of your order to be sure of what you ordered from us. If you are still sure that you have received the wrongorder, please kindly take a photo of the item you have received and attach itto an email with the address Please DO NOT open the package as we will be unable to help you in the instance. Although extremely rare, mistake can be made during our picking and packing stage and if we have made a genuine mistake, we will do our best to resolve the issue with you quickly and efficiently.

Hello, I am writing to you regarding my order. If i wish to cancel the order, how may I do so ? Thank you.


Simply email us at or by using the "contact us" page. We can easily cancel your order and refund your money to you.

Kind Regards,
Nootropics LTD

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