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1, 3 Dimethylbutylamine (DMBA): A brief overview


Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not encourage intake of DMBA or any other nootropic substance listed/discussed/sold on this site. Any undesirable side effects from intake of DMBA are sole responsibility of the user.

The discovery of piracetam has paved the way to the exploration of many other substances that aides not only in improving intellectual performance but also helps in treating several types of neurodegenerative disorders. One of the newer discoveries include 1, 3 Dimethylbutylamine more commonly known as DMBA. This article provides a brief overview about this novel nootropic agent.

Key benefits

  • Boosts physical energy and mental energy
  • Increases concentration, attention span and focus
  • Improve the body’s fat burning capability or metabolism
  • Enhances release of dopamine

What is DMBA?

DMBA is a natural compound derived from a type of Chinese tea known as Pouchong. It is structurally similar to DMAA – a popular potent stimulant that has been banned because of its undesirable side effects including anxiety, increased blood pressure and heart problems. DMBA’s only difference is the single carbon element connected on its skeleton. Aside from having similar structure, DMBA has similar effects with DMAA. For this reason, it is colloquially known as the “new DMAA.” Anecdotal evidence further shows that aside from being an excellent stimulant, it is also ale to boost mental functioning, increase fat metabolism and an excellent pre-workout supplement amongst others.

What are the benefits of DMBA supplementation?

DMBA is a potent nootropic agent. It is able to increase focus, mental and physical energy through powerfully stimulating the central nervous system. Due to this, it is an excellent study aide for students. Elderlies as well as athletes can also benefit from DMBA supplementation because of its ability to enhance both physical and mental energy. Note that workouts and pre-workouts as well as athletic activities require a great deal of mental energy instead of physical energy alone. Some evidence show that it is also effective in promoting feelings of euphoria, heightened senses and clarity of thinking.

Other than the abovementioned beneficial effects of DMBA, it also produces some novel effects. Some of these novel beneficial effects include its ability to burn fats immediately. Hence, individuals who want to improve not only their cognitive abilities and trim their waistline at the same time may greatly benefit from DMBA use. This particular ability is another reason why it is a very popular substance amongst weight lifters and body builders. Its efficiency in promoting fat burning is further potentiated by caffeine intake. However, it is critical that prospective users are careful with their dosages particularly in combining several stimulants such as caffeine and DMBA.

How does DMBA works?

DMBA primarily works through stimulating the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a very potent neurotransmitter that is critical for numerous brain activities. This increased in dopamine levels is also the primary reason why some users experience sensation of euphoria after taking DMBA. Extra dopamine is also related to enhanced concentration, focus and an overall improvement in cognition.

Stacking DMBA with other nootropic agents

DMBA is a relatively new nootropic agent, hence, it has not been established whether it is safe to stack or used with other nootropic agents. Accounts from users who have use it in stacking with other nootropic agents report that it has synergistic effects when stacked with racetams. Still, precautionary measures must be exercised before taking DMBA with racetams.

Is DMBA safe to use?

When used in recommended dosages, DMBA is generally safe to use according to personal accounts from users. Some side effects however are expected including headaches. Some users’ reports increased heart rate and a slight crash after its effects wear out. Hence, it should not be used by individuals suffering from heart problems. Pregnant and lactating mothers as well as individuals suffering from medical conditions are advised against DMBA supplementation. It is also suggested that you cycle your DMBA use. Since DMBA is a new nootropic agent, we do not really encourage supplementing with it just yet. You may want to wait for clinical trials that would prove its safety and efficiency particularly that its analog, DMAA, has been banned.