Getting Started

24/03/2014 Tags: all, beginners, students, guides

Please note: Because Nootropics are not supplements or approved drugs they cannot be sold as for human consumption. We do not endorse the consumption of any product for sale on our website as they are strictly intended for use in non-clinical scientific research. Not for consumption. As such, all articles and content on this website are strictly for entertainment purposes only.

By now you should have gained some working knowledge of nootropics and their qualities and benefits. The first thing to point out is that many nootropics are not going to suddenly make you super-human. After watching the film "limitless” many people got the wrong dramatized view of cognition enhancing drugs, thinking that you can take a pill and suddenly turn your life around. This is simply not true, and despite the constant search for the drug named in the film as "NZT-482", it is a fictional drug which has never existed.

You may feel some nootropics begin working straight away, some will take days and some will take weeks. Many of the studies proving their effectiveness have shown this after weeks of use. It is true in some respects "good things come to those who wait”. Most nootropics will be a subtle change, unlike classic stimulants that cause a "rush” and a physical feeling of stimulation, nootropics work in the background on your brains function, this trait allows them to be non-addictive and have almost no negative side effects. Bear in mind that some nootropics do work fairly quickly, this will be detailed in each product description.

Another very important point to make is that everyone is genetically different, and until everyone's genome is individually sequenced we will never know someones reaction to a particular substance. This holds true for every substance you put in your body. For this reasons, there will always be a small percentage of people who are "non-responders" to certain nootropics, although rare, there is a 1-2% chance that you will not respond. This could be because of many factors, one of the most common being the lack of a certain enzyme needed to metabolize the nootropic so it can be used. This happens with many substance, for instance, 10% of European Caucasians will not benefit from the popular painkiller Codeine due to an enzyme mutation. There are a small sub-group of non-responders, and they seem to find a lack of responce to a certain type of nootropic such as the racetam like nootropics, as these will have similar mechanism of action. If you think you may fall into this group, it is advised to search "nootropic non-responder" to find others who have discovered nootropics which work as an alternative. A great place to search for individual product non-responders is the forum, simply use their search option in the top right of the screen to find the nootropic you are not responding to.

To begin with, start using one nootropic at a time, although some nootropics are best taken as a stack, it is recommended to try them on their own fist to get a feel for it. Start low and build your dose up to the recommended dose. Remember, some people will need more and some people less, so experiment until you find the dose that is just right for you. Eventually, once you are happy with the effects, you may begin experimenting with other nootropics to see which one best suits your needs. Although it may not be obvious at first, there are subtle differences even between closely related nootropics. Please bear in mind that with some people and specific nootropics, the initial few days may leave a slight feeling of brain fog and lethargy, although rare, this is just the brains way of becoming accustomed the the nootropics action, and it will pass.

Eventually you will find a nootropic or nootropic stack which is perfect for your individual needs. You will benefit from sharp focus, enhanced working and spatial memory, improved recall, heightened attention, stimulation and neuroprotection for the future. Don't hold yourself back. Read, listen, research and find out for yourself. Extending your limits is now possible it's just you haven't begun yet...