Why Take Nootropics?

24/03/2014 Tags: all

Success in the modern world is a very competitive and fast paced race. There is an increasing need to achieve more and increase your chances of winning. Thousand of people just like you, trying desperately to get where you want to be. Those that have caught on quickly and discovered the new age of brain power will have a somewhat unfair advantage over the rest. By reading this you have already put yourself ahead until the rest catch up. While others choose to live in an old traditional world of consuming large quantities of caffeine, there are some who have seen the light and are actively benefiting from safe cognitive enhancement.

Being smarter is an attribute most would delightfully embrace. There are people that actively try to achieve this and those that don’t. Many people will go through life wishing they had the mental edge to gain that promotion, or do well in that exam. People often say they don’t want to take something that will change their brain function in fear of damaging themselves. However, if you were to ask "would you take something that makes you more intelligent, if it was not physically addictive, and had no negative side effects?” the answer is a unanimous "of course I would!”. Although not widely accepted yet, this is now the reality.

An easy way to think about everyday nootropic use is by comparing them to the most commonly consumed nootropic....Caffeine. Soon the world will accept the underlying fact that many modern nootropics are simply the natural evolution from caffeine to something safer, more effective and non-addictive.

Caffeine is a great example to compare against. Caffeine only stimulates the brain, while also making you go to the toilet more frequently, raising your blood pressure, giving you the jitters and making you physically dependent  On the other hand, nootropics can actively improve memory, focus and attention, while also protecting your neurons, lowering your chances of developing disorders such as Alzheimer's and schizophrenia, and can even slow the effects of ageing, while being well tolerated and generally non-addictive. Don't you think it's time for a change?

Nootropics are available in many different forms. There are both synthetic and plant derived supplements. In my opinion the synthetic nootropic supplements are more refined and tailored to fit the exact needs of a high achieving individual. However, the herbal products often offer a mixture of extracts and alkaloids which work in synergy to give a unique nootropic effect. Each have a very interesting and specific mechanism of action, the more we learn of the neurological mechanisms, the better we can design the nootropics.