What are the cheapest nootropics?

10/02/2015 Tags: all

Please note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. We do not encourage intake of any nootropic drugs. Any undesirable effects from nootropic use are sole responsibility of the user. All products are for lab purposes only!

If you’re on a tight budget or if you’re just a newbie noob who wants to know if nootropics are effective and you don’t wanna spend your precious dollars only to know that what you’re getting is not what they say it is, well, you are on the right place! Well, using nootropics can be really expensive. Still, there are some ways to make your tight cash work. For one, you can create your own potent stacks from inexpensive ones. You can also opt to buy in bulk powder online as these are relatively cost effective.

Effective and cheap nootropics

The following nootropics can serve as your base for your potent inexpensive stack. These nootropic agents have lasting and varying cognitive benefits. These have synergistic or potentiating effects when used together and relatively light to your pocket.


Piracetam is on the top of our list primarily because it has the most extensive history of research. It is actually the very first synthetic nootropic agent that has been created by humans. If you are just starting out with nootropic supplementation, piracetam should be your initial bet. Piracetam is well-known for its ability to improve learning, memory, focus, attention and synaptic plasticity. Although it is considered as the least concentrated amongst all racetams and you may need to take in as much as 4 g a day, buying piracetam in bulk powder form is very cost effective and efficient in producing the aforementioned beneficial effects.


Citicoline or CDP choline is another inexpensive nootropic drug with proven effects to enhance memory and learning in healthy individuals as well as on the elderlies. Some studies even suggest that it can help in increasing rate of recovery amongst individuals who have suffered brain trauma. Early research even shows that citicoline is effective in improving muscle strength for patients who have suffered cerebral hemorrhage due to stroke. Stacking citicoline and piracetam is recommended as the latter increases choline uptake potentiating the effects of citicoline.

Oxiracetam powder

Buy Cheap OxiracetamOxiracetam is considered as the more potent counterpart of piracetam. It is more effective in increasing mental energy, memory, focus, attention and cognitive abilities and is five times more powerful compared to piracetam. Although it appears not to have any anxiolytic properties, it has a stimulatory ability whereas it is able to improve focus and alertness. For less than a dollar per dose, oxiracetam is a fairly inexpensive nootropic agent useful in increasing your memory and critical thinking skills.


Buy Cheap AniracetamAniracetam has similar potency with oxiracetam. Nonetheless, it shows dissimilar benefits. This particular nootropic drug is able to improve cognitive functioning, increases levels of BDNF or brain derived neurotrophic factors, decreases impulsive behaviors and improves symptoms of depression. It also has neuroprotective and anxiolytic properties. What makes it unique over other racetams is its ability to improve verbal abilities in social setting whilst decrease social anxiety. User reports revealed that it helps them speak and think fluidly in front of other people. Aniracetam’s cost per dose is slightly lower than that of oxiracetam.


Buy Cheap PramiracetamPramiracetam is considered as the most potent amongst all racetams. It is known as 30 times more potent than piracetam. Many noobs are using pramiracetam because it is easily absorbed immediately exerting its effects after intake. Students prefer this racetam because it is one of the best study aid nootropics available in the market today. It increases motivation, decreases procrastination, improves both short and long term memory, enhances alertness, focus perception as well as an individual’s logical thinking abilities. Pramiracetam’s cost per dosage is slightly lower than aniracetam nonetheless; you may need to take divided doses daily as its effects easily wears off.


One common source of theanine is tea. Theanine is effective in promoting relaxation and focus amongst others. If you are not fond of teas, you may opt to take L-theanine – another good source of theanine. L-theanine is best paired with caffeine. Combining these nootropics can help in increasing your focus and attention without the unnecessary jitters and palpitations when using caffeine alone.


Noopept is a derivative of piracetam. It is also considered as a thousand times more powerful and effective than its parent compound. It is highly efficient in enhancing memory recall and memory formation. It also helps in promoting neuroplasticity whilst improves communication between the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Studies also suggest that it helps in preventing neuronal damage caused by aging. Suggested average daily dosage for noopept is 40 mgs – this would give you a cost much lower than that of piracetam.

The verdict

Of all the aforementioned nootropic agents, noopept should be your best bet. It is highly potent, efficient and just plain inexpensive. However, it you want to go on the safe side and use a neuro enhancing drug with lesser potency, we vouch the efficiency of piracetam.