The wonders of Acetyl L-carnitine

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Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not encourage intake of acetyl l-carnitine or any nootropic agents. Any undesirable effects from intake of this nootropic substance are sole responsibility of the user.

Acetyl L-carnitine is an essential amino acid that has numerous beneficial effects. It is a vital nutrient critical to improving your body’s capacity to produce and utilize energy within the cells. As sich, it is now able to produce a host of benefits from improved cellular functioning and metabolism. Some of its well-known benefits include better physical performance, increased mental abilities, enhanced energy, focus and general health. Today, acetyl l-carnitine is being prescribed for treating medical conditions such as heart and muscle diseases. Some of its non-medical use however includes cognitive and physical ability enhancement.

What is acetyl l-carnitine?

Acetyl l-carnitine is an altered version of an essential supplement known as L-carnitine. Acetyl l-carnitine’s chemical structure has slight difference with l-carnitine. This difference however makes acetyl l-carnitine more bioavailable – meaning, it is able to easily cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) to improve cognitive functioning in ways that its parent compound is unable to.

Acetyl L-carnitine’s nootropic effects

Acetyl l-carnitine’s nootropic effects are associated with its ability to protect the brain from damage due to aging. It has anti-oxidant properties to which it is able to help in eliminating toxins and other chemical wastes that accumulates in the brain tissues as we age. Its ability to cross the blood brain barrier easily makes it effective in protecting the neurons from oxidation associated damage. This mechanism gives acetyl l-carnitine the ability to enhance and improve neurons and its neuronal structures with prolonged supplementation.

Its anti-oxidant properties extend to its ability to eliminate lipofuscin accumulation not only from your brain cells but throughout your body. Lipofuscin is a toxic waste product that is comprised of fats. This toxic waste accumulates on the cells of your skin, lungs and heart. It appears as brown spots “liver spots” on the skin as you age.

Lipofuscin accumulation is a normal process that happens within our bodies. However, excessive lipofuscin build up can damage your normal cell functioning that may lead to medical conditions and memory problems. Experts associate lipofuscin accumulation to several neurological problems including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Acetyl l-carnitine has the ability to eliminate lipofuscin from the cells and reverse its effects in the body whilst slow down the rate of the aging process.

Other beneficial effects of acetyl l-carnitine

Aside from its neuroprotectant properties, acetyl l-carnitine has the ability to treat numerous medical conditions. This is the primary reason why this potent nootropic agent is truly a wonder. Some of these beneficial effects include:

Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

Numerous studies have discovered that the main culprit behind Alzheimer’s disease is decreased levels of acetylcholine. Note that acetyl l-carnitine helps in the production and synthesis of acetylcholine, hence, this particular nootropic supplement may be able to help in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Studies revealed that combining acetyl l-carnitine with rivastigmine is beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease patients who are not responsive to acetylcholinesterase inhibitor treatment.

Treatment for sciatic pain                                                                                  

Some studies suggest that acetyl l-carnitine has peripheral nerve regeneration, analgesic and neuroprotective properties. It may be able to treat substantial neuropathic pain, hence, it may be effective in treating sciatic pain.

Treatment for minimal hepatic encephalopathy (MHE)

MHE is one of the most frequent complications associated to individuals suffering from liver cirrhosis. It is characterized by high levels of ammonia which leads to problems with psychomotor functioning, memory, personality, concentration, and reaction time. Acetyl l-carnitine is able to decrease serum ammonia levels and enhance numerous neuropsychological functioning.

Improve cardiovascular health

Acetyl l-carnitine has been associated with better cardiovascular health. Some studies reveal that it can significantly decrease the systolic blood pressure amongst patients suffering from hypertension. It is also said to strengthen blood vessel linings thereby increasing blood flow and delivery of nutrients to the heart.

Enhance sperm motility

Sperm motility is the measure of how active the sperm is after ejaculation. Studies revealed that acetyl l-carnitine supplementation can significantly increase sperm motility leading to improved male fertility. Males who are trying to have a child may supplement with acetyl l-carnitine to increase chances of having a child.

Promote weight loss

Acetyl l-carnitine is an essential nutrient needed by the body. Its primary responsibility is to carry fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cells for energy production. Hence, it may be effective in promoting weight loss as it promotes increased fat metabolism.

Decrease nerve pain from diabetes

Acetyl l-carnitine has analgesic effects and relieves nerve pain. Some studies revealed that it may be able to relieve the distressing pain experienced by diabetic patients.

Increase insulin response

Supplementation with acetyl l-carnitine is associated with better insulin response amongst patients suffering from diabetes. This means that the body is able to regulate blood sugar better leading to decreased strain on the kidneys of patients with diabetes.