The untold benefits of noopept

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The untold benefits of noopept

Please note: We don’t encourage intake of Noopept. Noopept is intended for research purposes only. This article is for entertainment purposes only. Any side effects or adverse events with the misuse of this nootropic agent are the sole responsibility of the user.

N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester or what we commonly known as NOOPEPT is a nootropic agent under the racetam family. It produces cunningly similar effects to piracetam, but at a much lower dose. It is a highly potent nootropic agent that helps in stimulating increased cognitive abilities such as:


•Better learning capacity

•Improved memory

•Enhanced attention span

•Increased focus

•Immediate recall – even long lost memories are immediately recalled vividly.


Noopept is also associated with an overall improvement with moods and has long been considered as an anxiolytic. In addition, it holds promising effects in treating Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.



What is noopept’s mechanism of action?

Noopept is said to exert its beneficial effects through different mechanisms of action. Possible mechanisms in its ability to improve overall cognitive capabilities include its sensitizing effects on the processes of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine as well as its aptitude in inducing production of neurotrophin. Theoretically, both these mechanisms are thought to improve memory formation.

In addition, clinical studies using both animal and human models have shown that it has an overall neuroprotective capability. It is able to protect and treat the brain from oxidative stress and cognitive trauma similar to what antioxidants can do in our bodies. Noopept is said to help in eliminating toxins that might cause cognitive decline.

Its anxiolytic effects on the other hand are attributed to noopept’s ability to increase tonic inhibition within the hippocampus. It also helps in decreasing cytotoxicity in the brain leading to its ability to treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.


Untold benefits of noopept

A mixture of studies and chronic user revealed the following benefits of noopept.


Anti-depression effects

One novel benefit that has been associated with noopept is its ability to alleviate the symptoms of depression. In animal studies using rat models, noopept is said to decrease learned helplessness. One study also revealed that noopept supplementation amongst individuals suffering from cognitive trauma led to decreased symptoms of depression. This particular benefit will need further investigations.


Psychostimulatory effects

Another benefit that can be gleaned from noopept includes its psychostimulatory effects. Researches have shown that this specific nootropic drug is able to stimulate neuronal stimulation which may explain its psychostimulatory effects. Individual reports have shown that its stimulating properties are similar to that of caffeine. This effect also requires additional studies.


Increased immunity

One study have shown that noopept has the ability to improve immunity through increasing the proliferation of T-cells as well as the phagocytic ability of the macrophages. Another study has also shown that it is able to decrease immunosuppression amongst stroke patients. Again, it is important that further research using human models be done to validate these findings.


Increased sensation of pleasure

Some users have reported that chronic supplementation of noopept can lead to a sensation that is very similar to euphoria. Moreover, it is said to increase feelings of pleasure. Hearing music for instance becomes more enjoyable and pleasurable.


Improved senses

Improvement in visual and olfactory senses is most noticeable amongst users. Many users report that noopept is able to make their visual ability better. Images become sharper and details are stronger. Peripheral vision is much improved whereas it appear like the mind is able to keep track on the motions happening on one’s periphery while focusing on what was in the line of sight. To a greater degree, users are also able to distinguish specific scents.


Improved spatial memory and ability

Chronic noopept users also experienced improved spatial memory and ability. One’s ability to keep track on how he/she solved a difficult problem or how he/she arrived on a certain place has become easier to remember and identify.


Easier interaction with others

Well, some individuals do not have the ability or the patience to come along, talk to, negotiate or deal with other people. However, some individuals have reported that they find it easier to deal with people after intake of noopept. Noopept supplementation have somehow decreased this problem, still, further study is required to validate such report.



Generally, nootropic agents including noopept is safe to use and has very low toxicity levels in humans. However, one should always take precautionary measures when taking this particular smart drug. Precautionary measures include:


•Take noopept on recommended dosages. Adverse effects associated with acute high dosage intake of this nootropic agent may lead to visual distortion, irritability, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems and nausea.

•In case of gastrointestinal symptoms, immediately lower your noopept dosage. It is recommended that you take this drug with food.

•You should not ingest noopept if you are pregnant or lactating unless otherwise stated by your obstetrician.

•Always consult your doctor if you are taking other medications, supplement or nootropic drugs.