The most potent nootropics to fight depression

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Nootropics to fight depression

Please note: We do not encourage intake of any nootropic agents. Use of these compounds is not for human consumption. Nootropics are intended for research purposes only. Adverse effects and complications of these drugs due to abuse and unwarranted intake are sole responsibility of the user.



Different cognitive disorders such as depression, anxiety and mood problems are increasingly becoming prevalent nowadays. Depression itself is affecting millions of individuals across the globe. This serious cognitive disorder makes the sufferer feels hopeless, sad, and unimportant making him/her unable to live normally. In some cases, depression can be treated through psychotherapy. Oftentimes however, anxiety and depression arises from chemical problems in the brain requiring a different therapeutic regimen.

Fortunately, numerous drugs and medications are now available to treat the symptoms of depression whilst help in augmenting the mood of the sufferers. One of these possible supplements includes nootropic agents. Nootropic drugs are primarily used to enhance cognitive abilities. Somehow, as pharmaceutical researches have expanded, it was discovered that some of these cognitive enhancers can help in alleviating depression and other mood problems. Although not all individuals suffering from mood problems and depression can benefit from nootropic supplementation, adding or combining this drug with other medications or therapy can benefit the sufferers.

To help with these issues, we have identified the three most potent and effective nootropics to fight depression. These include:



Aniracetam belongs to the racetam nootropic family. Racetams promotes stimulation and positive mental energy. This positive energy helps in increasing motivation, focus and concentration amongst users. As such, many recreational users recognize aniracetam due to its mood boosting capabilities. These capabilities can definitely help alleviate the symptoms experienced by individuals suffering from depression.


The anti-depressive effects of aniracetam were further supported in a literature review. In this review, it was identified that aniracetam can help in decreasing the symptoms of depression amongst animal models. This study only shows that aniracetam can be a potent anti-depression drug.

Other than the abovementioned benefits, aniracetam can help increase brain oxygenation. It is thought to increase the flow of blood to the brain delivering increased levels of oxygen. Additionally, it facilitates the functions of neurotransmitters which now increases communication between the brain’s hemispheres. Subjective reports also reflect that aniracetam can spark creativity and critical thinking.



Noopept is one of the most powerful and potent nootropic agents available in the market today. It is able to exert its effects on the human body minutes after ingestion because of its increased bioavailability. Moreover, it is easily absorbed and metabolized by the body easily crossing the blood brain barrier (BBB). Similar to aniracetam, it has the ability to boost the moods of users. Brain research experts believe that it works on the receptor sites of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters play a critical role in the regulation of mode.

Despite being likened to aniracetam, noopept has been described to be more potent. Anecdotal evidence has shown that it promotes an individual’s overall well-being. Moreover, it is said to increase productivity, motivation and the desire to get things done. Other than these purported beneficial effects, one study have shown that noopept can help in treating individuals with mild cognitive problems induced by organic brain disorders of traumatic and vascular origins.

Several other studies have also shown that noopept has neuroprotective properties to which it is able to maintain brain cells healthy. Some studies even demonstrated that it could reverse existing brain damage and build neuronal linkages within the brain. To which these mechanisms might explain noopept’s ability to enhance mood and alleviate anxiety, stress and depression in the end.   
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Another great nootropic agent that can help in improving mood includes sulbutiamine. Sulbutiamine is a derivative of B vitamins, however, it acts similarly with nootropic agents. This compound is the modified version of thiamine – a chemical known for its anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties. Due to its purported benefits, many foreign countries prescribe this drug as a treatment for depression, anxiety and other related conditions.

Subjective reports from users demonstrated that sulbutiamine’s effects is comparable to the qualities of the anti-depressant MMDA without the amphetamine-like side effects. Although such claims are considered as bold, it only shows that sulbutiamine can be quite effective in treating depression. Notwithstanding, conflicting evidences on its efficiency as an anti-depressant remains. In one study, a group of researchers found out that sulbutiamine has no anti-depressant properties. However, this same study have shown that it facilitates and increases the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from depression in their familial, professional and social functioning. Hence, we can conclude that sulbutiamine can indirectly help with the treatment of depressed individuals.


Other nootropics

Other than our top three picks, some nootropic agents have been shown to improve mood and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety amongst sufferers. These nootropics include adrafinil and inositol. Inositol can be a great choice as it is categorized as a vitamin B nootropic agent. It easily crosses the BBB to help increase the levels of GABA in the brain. More importantly, it enhances the efficiency of other drugs, as such, it might be an excellent nootropic agent for stacking.

Adrafinil is another good choice as well. It is an unregulated drug that can help in improving your mood. However, we suggest that you take extreme precautions in taking this particular nootropic as it can damage your liver and is considered to be mildly toxic. We highly recommend that you ask your primary health care provider’s advice before taking adrafinil or any of the abovementioned nootropic agents.