The different types of nootropics

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The different types of nootropics

Please note: We do not encourage intake of any nootropic agents. Use of these compounds is not for human consumption. Nootropics are intended for research purposes only. This article is for entertainment purposes only.

The different types of nootropics

All information that we gain are being stored and registered within our brain. However, this information naturally deteriorates as time passes by. In a couple of days, weeks and years, our memories, even the most cherished ones, fades and are simply erased from its storage. Memory decline be it due to certain medical conditions (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease) or normal wear and tear can greatly influence your daily life. As such, it is to no surprise that the search for methods in memory enhancement begun hundreds of years ago and has continuously flourished during this day.

Numerous strategies to enhance memories have been implemented throughout the years.  These strategies range from simplistic cognitive exercises to actual drug supplementations known to influence certain memory processes. Many of these strategies are unsuccessful in producing the desired effects, however, some substances have produced interesting and promising results. One of these effective strategies includes nootropic supplementation. There are different types of nootropics, all of which will be discussed below.

Natural nootropics

All-natural and organic products are currently the rage today. Hence, if you are interested in enhancing your cognitive abilities naturally, then herbal nootropics are the best type nootropic drug for you. Natural nootropics are herbs or plants that are able to help in improving your brain’s health and ability. Some of the best natural nootropics out there include Huperzine A, Bacopa Monnieri and vinpocetine. Natural nootropics are thought to be less effective as compared to their synthetic counterparts. Nonetheless, these are quite effective and powerful when stacked with synthetic nootropics. Some are even used for their ability to reduce the effects of artificial memory enhancers.

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Smart drugs

Numerous smart drugs are available on the market today. Nonetheless, many drugs that fall under this category may not be considered as nootropics. For instance, smart drugs that are derived from amphetamines including Adderall are classified as stimulants, hence, they are technically not a nootropic agent. However, eugeroics such as modafinil and adrafinil are smart drugs and nootropics at the same time.

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Racetams are the most popular amongst all types of nootropics. Moreover, it is the very first nootropic ever invented by humans. There are different types of racetams; well-known ones include piracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam and aniracetam.

Racetams share a standard pyrrolidone nucleus chemical structure. They also act similarly through stimulating brain receptors responsible for the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine on the other hand, is one of the most important neurotransmitter found in the brain. It functions by transmitting nerve impulses and signals across your neuronal synapses. It also plays a role in awareness, concentration, memory, productivity and motivation. Racetams also intersect with ampakines, another type of nootropics. They do so as some racetams stimulate the activities of glutamic receptors – the main mechanism of action of ampakines.

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Ampakines belong to the most powerful and potent nootropics that has ever been created. It is relatively new in the market as well as in the field of memory enhancing pharmaceutical products. This particular nootropic type acts as a strong glutamate receptor agonist which leads to increased levels of glutamate.

Similar to acetylcholine, glutamate is an important neurotransmitter that plays a critical role in synaptic plasticity. It is important in memory and learning processes. Ampakines also help in improving alertness and attention span. More importantly, ampakines does not cause any amphetamine like effects including insomnia, anxiety and restlessness.

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Peptide nootropics is one of the most interesting types of nootropic drugs. Currently, noopept, a peptide nootropic, has gained so much attention not only from recreational users but also amongst brain researchers. Noopept is known as a very potent and powerful nootropic agent and has been dubbed as a thousand times more powerful than its parent compound, piracetam. This peptide has high bioavailability and easily crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB) causing immediate beneficial effects to users.

Synthetic vitamin B derivatives

Synthetic vitamin b derivatives are nootropics that are created through altering B-vitamins. For instance, sulbutimine are derived from vitamin B1 while pyritinol is modified from vitamin B6. These nootropic agents are great in promoting energy, mood and memory. Synthetic vitamin B derivatives are also excellent when stacked with other types of nootropics. However, research have shown that these derivatives tend to lose its effects overtime. Hence, it is critical that vitamin B derivatives are cycled to maintain its potency.


Buy Choline source CentrophenoxineCholine nootropics are best used with other nootropic agents, particularly with racetams. Doing so is important as it is considered to be less effective compared to other nootropic agents. Stacking choline with other nootropics increases both nootropics’ potency yielding to a better result. Good examples of choline include citicholine, Alpha GPC and centrophenoxine. Choline nootropics are generally safe and non-toxic to human when taken on recommended dosages.