Studies show efficiency of Phenibut in treating anxiety and stress

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Please note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. We do not encourage intake of phenibut or any nootropic drugs. Any undesirable effects caused from nootropic use are sole responsibility of the user.

Other names/Chemical names



Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid or beta-phenyl GABA

3-phenyl-4-aminobutyric acid

4-amino-3-phenyl-butanoic acid

What is phenibut?

Phenibut is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid). It is first used in Russia and has been studied there extensively. It is also available as a non-prescription drug in many countries. This particular drug has been used in Russia for over five decades to treat a host of neuropsychological conditions including anxiety, stress and insomnia. It has also been used as a therapeutic agent for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Phenibut is also classified under nootropic drugs for its ability to influence brain functioning and improve cognition. It easily crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB) exerting its effects efficiently and effectively.

How does phenibut works?

Phenibut works through mimicking the action of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. As a potent GABA-mimetic drug, it potentiates the activity of GABA at the site of GABA receptors. This mechanism then leads to a host of benefits such as promotion of sleep, elimination of anxiety symptoms as well as improvement of cognition.  Phenibut also facilitate dopamine receptors and antagonizes the activitiesof beta-phenylethylamine.

What is GABA?

Gamma aminobutyric acid or GABA is the most important neurotransmitters in the brain. It is classified as an inhibitory neurotransmitter responsible for decreasing neuronal activities in the brain. It is the neurotransmitter responsible for the anxiolytic mechanisms of most drugs that are used to treat anxiety disorders. For example, benzodiazepines – a popular anxiolytic agent, works through potentiating the actions of GABA on specific areas in the brain leading to anxiety relief. Similarly, phenibut is a non-selective agonist of both GABA-A and GABA-B resulting to its anxiolytic capabilities.

What are the beneficial effects of phenibut?

Well-known benefits from phenibut use include the following:

Cognitive enhancement




Studies showing anti-stress and anxiolytic effects of phenibut

Phenibut as a tranquilizer and a nootropic drug

This study is a literature review regarding the neurospychotropic agent, phenibut. According to this study, phenibut has cognitive enhancing and anxiolytic effects. It mimics the activities of GABA, stimulates dopamine receptions and antagonizes the effects of PEA – a substance that induces anxiety in humans. The anxiolytic ability of phenibut is further compared to the actions of baclofen. This review also revealed that phenibut has similar clinical and pharmacological effects (in some ways) with diazepam and piracetam. It has been shown that Russians use phenibut to relieve anxiety, fear, tension and improve sleep amongst individuals suffering from neurosis and psychosomatic disorders. It is also used as an adjunct therapy for depression, stuttering, asthenia, vestibular problems and as a pre and post-operative drug.

Stress protection ability of phenibut

In an animal study, rats that underwent forced swimming stress had significant increases on benzodiazepine binding sites (central type) in their hippocampal and cortical areas. The amount of benzodiazepine binding sites (peripheral type) is also increased on blood platelets. It was also revealed that the affinity of neither peripheral nor central type benzodiazepine binding sites was altered considered after the forced swimming stress. Rats that underwent phenibut or beta-phenyl GABA treatment had minimal changes on both their central and peripheral benzodiazepine binding sites from the swimming stress. Phenibut was rendered inactive on an increased plus maze anxiety model. Similar to diazepam however, phenibut was able to neutralize the behavioral effects of DMCM – a substance with anxiolytic properties. This study has shown that phenibut is an effective substance against stress and anxiety.

Efficiency of GABA derivatives for stress correction

Mg2+-ATPase acts on the limbic system, medulla oblongata and cortex mitochondrial fraction when the organism is under chronic stress. It is also affected by administration of some psychotropic drugs. In this study, it was revealed that chronic stress sharply prevents phosphorylation and respiration in animals. It also decreases brain macroergs content. The Mg2+-ATPase located in the cortex mitochondrial fractions is also decreased. The administration of GABA derivatives such as phenibut, lithonite and nicogamol, as well as nicotinic acid on therapeutic dosages has been shown to restore control level when rats are experiencing stress. This study shows that psychotropic drugs, including phenibut can act as a stress-protective agent through normalizing energy metabolism in the brain neurons.


The effects of phenibut are primarily geared to its neuroprotective, anxiolytic, cognitive and cardioprotective effects. First off, phenibut is well known for its anxiolytic effects. It can help in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress caused by overactive neuronal activities. Phenibut alleviates stress through decreasing some types of communication happening between your neurons. Users report that phenibut helpsin decreasing over-thinking making them feel more serene, composed and less likely worry. Click here to buy phenibut