Semax: A review of its medical uses

26/04/2015 Tags: all

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not encourage intake of Semaxor an y other nootropic substance listed/discussed/sold on this site. Any undesirable side effects from intake of Semax are sole responsibility of the user.

The results of neuropeptide research have led to the development of substances that helps in modulating memory and other important cognitive function. Amongst these modulators include the discovery of corticotropin (ACTH) fragments as well as their analogs. Numerous publications have identified various analogs for human use that includes the synthetic peptide Semax. Its ability to improve vigilance, memory and learning is similar to other nootropic agents. It also has the unique ability to enhance cognitive abilities while treating a handful of medical conditions. This article now discusses the medical effects of Semax.

Promote nootropic-like effects

One study comparing Semax and placebo has shown that Semax can be used to improve long-term intellectual efficiency. Results of the study revealed that Semax supplementation led to significant increase in short-term memory, attention, and improved decision making abilities. At the same time, it was also able to improve vigilance of the study subjects who are otherwise relaxed. It has been shown to help in promoting rapid solutions to the user as well. Other than its positive influence on cognitive activities (e.g. memory stimulation), it also appeared to have antihypoxic effects on the brain. Its antihypoxic ability in the central nervous systm has direct influence in the improvement of memory and cognitive processes at the neuronal level whilst influence oxygen supply in the brain [1].

Another study further supports the nootropic properties of Semax. This animal study has shown that the nootropic substance enables the reproduction of avoidance reactions in rats suffering from functional impairment [2]. Some study has also shown that Semax is able to improve learning ability and has even demonstrated analgesic properties [3].

Neuroprotective properties

Semax stimulates brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) synthesis. BDNF is an important modulator of synaptic plasticity. Studies have shown that it rapidly increases the levels of BDNF within 3 hours of administration. Similarly, it has shown to increase the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) in the frontal cortex and hippocampal areas of the brain. Improved BDNF and NGF levels are associated to neuronal survival, increased selective attention and memory capacity, increased brain health and improved synaptic plasticity [4], [5], [6]. Semax’ ability to exert neuroprotective effects makes it an ideal supplement  for elderly people to prevent age-related neurodegenerative symptoms [7].

Treatment of ischemic stroke related problems

Semax is an effective treatment for brain stroke. It is able to do so through altering gene expression. Animal studies have shown that it is very effective in treating the damages caused by ischemia. It has neuroprotective and antiinflammatoryeffects that actually prevents the early stages of ischemia including edema and inflammation. It has been shown to decrease vascular injury whilst activate neurotrophin synthesis. It has also been discovered that it decreases Vegfa mRNA levels in rat brains thereby decreasing occlusion in the hippocampus and cortex. This indicates neuroprotective properties and the improvement of brain functioning on the early stages of ischemic stroke [8], [9].

Improve immune system’s ability to fight off diseases

Semax’ gene expression alteration activity is also related to the immune system. Semax administration significantly influences the immune cells’ activity. It increases the body’s immune response against diseases through modulating the genes that are responsible in chemokines and immunoglobulin formation. Other than enhancing the mobility and levels of immune cells, Semax also helps improve other biological processes including vascular system functioning and formation (vasculogenesis), hematopoiesis and smooth muscle cell migration [8].

Anxiolytic properties

Other than the abovementioned medical uses of Semax, it also has an anti-stress effect. In one study, rats with different stress tolerance during post-stress recovery were administered with Semax. Study results have shown that preliminary administration of the said substance alleviated the proliferation of macrophages and other destructive processes due to stress. It has also shown to have anxiolytic and anti-stress effects decreasing stress load on certain areas in the brain [10].

Numerous studies and even anecdotal evidence have shown the efficiency of Semax in producing not only nootropic beneficial effects but also treatment of various medical disorders. Some medical uses that have been associated with Semax include treatment for sleep disorders, optic nerve problems, peptic ulcer disease and a range of neurodegenerative disorders. Despite this, one must remain vigilant and make sure to follow all the precautionary measures and instructions when supplementing with Semax.

What is the route of administration for Semax?

One should note that the route of administration for Semax is intranasal and subcutaneous. Semax should never be taken via oral route for optimal results. Subcutaneous administration results to rapid results. One may immediately feel the effects of Semax 15 to 20 minutes after subcutaneous injection. Nonetheless, it is an invasive procedure. It is critical that prospective users learn where, when and how to administer Semax if this administration route is preferred.