Physical properties of alpha GPC

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Please note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. We do not endorse intake of alpha GPC or any nootropic drug. ANy undesirable effects from nootropic use is sole responsbility of the user.

Alpha GPC is one of the most effective and reliable synthetic source of choline. It easily crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB) enabling direct delivery of choline to the brain. It is a potent nootropic drug and an excellent addition to your nootropic stack for the improvement of brain health, memory and learning.

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Why do we need choline?

Choline is a critical element of numerous body processes, particularly brain related functioning. It is an acetylcholine (ACTH) precursor whereas ACTH is a powerful neurotransmitter responsible for memory, learning and other brain functions. Most recent researches have also indicated that it may be a useful treatment for degenerative conditions including Alzheimer’s disease. Alpha GPC is one of the best and most effective synthetic sources of choline.

Drug classification of alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is classified as a nootropic drug. It is also described as a choline supplement.

Chemical name of alpha GPC


Where does alpha GPC come from?

Similar to most nootropic drugs, alpha GPC is developed in laboratories. It is enzymatically created from lecithin soy or eggs. It is primarily used as a choline supplement. Choine can be derived readily from dietary resources such as milk, eggs, beef liver, red meat and other organ tissues. Nonetheless, it does not easily cross the BBB, as such, taking choline supplement is important.

What is the structure of alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC is a phospholipid comprised of choline. The choline molecule is bound to glycerol through a phosphate group. Generally, it is a phosphatidylcholine minus its usual 2 fatty acids.

What does alpha GPC taste like?

If you are wondering how alpha GPC tastes like, well, it is noticeably sweet. Unlike other nootropic agents that are either bitter, tasteless, or just plain foul tasting. Alpha GPC in powder form tastes sweet because it contains maltose. Maltose (a form of sugar) is being incorporated with alpha GPC to prevent it from absorbing moisture which would turn the powder into a goopy mess.

How is alpha GPC metabolized in the body?

Alpha GPC is absorbed in the intestines. Initially, lecithin is metabolized by pancreatic phospholipids and is subjected to phospholipase B to become glycerophosphorylcholine or alpha GPC. In this form, it will be hydrolyzed to glycerophosphate and choline. This process can be manipulated when lecithin is exposed to phospholipase which converts lecithin to choline and glycerophosphate.

Alpha GPC can be converted as a byproduct of two lysocethin molecules reconfiguration to become a lecithin molecule.

How long do the effects of alpha GPC lasts?

Individual reports on how long alpha GPC’s effects last vary from one individual to another. Animal studies however have shown that it is absorbed by the body 1 hour after ingestion. Its peak effect occurs 3 to 4 hours after oral intake.

How should you store alpha GPC?

Your alpha GPC stock may last longer if you store it in a water resistant container.

What is alpha GPC used for?

Alpha GPC is helpful in:

  • Attention improvement

Several studies have shown that alpha GPC can help in increasing reaction time and attention in individuals suffering from acute stress.

  • Cognition and memory improvement

Alpha GPC promotes increase in protein kinase C (PKC) which is known to help in memory formation and long-term potentiation. Animal studies have also shown that it improves learning preventing avoidance learning behavior.

  • Alzheimer’s disease treatment

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by phospholipid degradation of choline. Through choline supplementation, there is an increase possibility that Alzheimer’s disease symptoms will improve.

  • Increased energy levels

One study revealed that alpha GPC increases power output for up to 14% amongst health individuals.

  • Increased lipolysis (fat breakdown)

In one study involving healthy men, it was reported that alpha GPC increases fat breakdown. As such, it may be an effective supplement for burning fats.

What are the side effects of alpha GPC use?

Alpha GPC has low toxicity and is generally safe for human use. However, it may cause unwarranted side effects such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, skin rash, confusion and heartburn. These side effects normally occur when alpha GPC is taken at large doses. Hence, it is important that this particular nootropic agent is taken at recommended dosages.

Important precautions

There is limited knowledge regarding use if alpha GPC on pregnant and lactating women, hence, intake of this nootropic agent should be avoided.

Drug interactions

Do not take alpha GPC with scopolamine. Scopalamine blocks the release of acetylcholine while alpha GPC increases its production.

Alpha GPC stacks

Stacking alpha GPC with other nootropic agents, particularly those under the racetam class can definitely help in boosting its effects and in preventing some side effects of noopept, piracetam, oxiracetam, aniracetam and pramiracetam. Adding alpha GPC to racetamic agents is important to prevent headaches. Adding an extra choline to your racetam stack can potentiate nootropics effects whilst increase all anticipated cognitive effects.