Phenylpiracetam dosage for optimal results

06/03/2015 Tags: all

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not encourage intake of phenylpiracetam or any nootropic agents. Any undesirable effects from intake of this nootropic substance are sole responsibility of the user.

Phenylpiracetam is one of the most potent neuro enhancing drugs known to man today. Due to its high potency, it was even identified as 60 times more powerful than its original parent compound – piracetam. The cognitive and physical benefits of phenylpiracetam are truly remarkable! Its ability to increase your learning capacity, enhance speed of memory recall and formation and improve rational and critical thinking skills whilst help increase your stamina, endurance and recovery during physically stressful conditions make it an ideal supplement for students, productivity freaks and athletes. Nonetheless, how much phenylpiracetam should you take to experience these beneficial effects? What is likely to happen if you take more than its recommended dosage? If you want to know more, then we suggest that you continue reading.

How does phenylpiracetam works?

Phenylpiracetam has a similar structure with piracetam. The only difference is the benzene phenyl ring attached on its structure. Having this unique feature makes this particular nootropic agent cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) easier than what its parent compound is able to do. This is also the primary reason why it has a hundred percent biovailability. Despite the fact that scientists are unable to completely explain how phenylpiracetam works, experts believed that it works through facilitating several chemicals and receptor sites on the brain including dopamine, acetylcholine, acetylcholine receptor sites, GABA and NDMA. Phenylpiracetam works by binding with neurotransmitter receptors enhancing the latters’ sensitivity thereby leading to responsiveness and increased neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Note that dopamine facilitates moods, attention, focus and muscle movements while GABA is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter which help us relax and calm down.

Best phenylpiracetam dosage for beginners

Just starting out with nootropic supplementation? If that’s the case, please be reminded that phenylpiracetam is a very potent nootropic agent. Hence, there is a higher risk of experiencing undesirable side effects from phenylpiracetam use. We highly suggest that you take lower doses of phenylpiracetam to assess how your body reacts on it. If you have zero experience on nootropic supplementation, it is advisable that you take other weaker supplements such as piracetam.

Users with fewer experiences with nootropics should opt of taking 50 mgs of phenylpiracetam per day. You may do this early in the morning or in the middle of the day as this particular nootropic agent has psychostimulatory effects which could interfere with your sleep pattern. However, you may take it in the afternoon or in the evening if you are planning to put up an all nighters or if you want to use it as a pre-workout supplement. Also, it is highly advisable that you cycle phenylpiracetam as you may develop tolerance. As such, it would be best if you take it as needed (e.g. before a difficult test, business presentation or a competition). As your body gets used to phenylpiracetam, you may increase your intake of no more than 300 mgs a day. However, if you experience any untoward signs and symptoms, please stop taking phenylpiracetam.

Best phenylpiracetam dosage for experts

If you have a wide range of experience using nootropics agents including phenylpiracetam, you are now aware that even with your expertise, precautionary measures are still needed. Please bear in mind that phenylpiracetam works on your catecholamine levels and adrenergic systems causing stimulatory effects on your body. This in mind, it is not important that you control your intake to the recommended dosages. We do not encourage that you take more than what was recommended particularly that it may lead to receptor down-regulation instead of the other way around. You could start with a hundred mg of phenylpiracetam daily in 1 take or 2 divided doses.

If you have been using phenylpiracetam for a while now, you might want to try larger doses. Still, you should do it with precautions. Ensure that you listen to what your body tells you with high dose intake. More importantly, please do not take more than 300 mgs a day. If you experience any untoward signs and symptoms, please stop taking phenylpiracetam.

The importance of cycling phenylpiracetam

Please bear in mind that it is not advisable for you to take phenylpiracetam for long term. You should cycle it meaning, you must schedule your use and non-use of this supplement. Scheduling days of phenylpiracetam nonuse is important to prevent developing tolerance towards this nootropic substance. Ideally, you may want to use phenylpiracetam only when you need it, say, before an exam or a competition.

You might also want to consider stacking phenylpiracetam with other nootropic substances. You may use it along with some excellent choline sources (e.g. CDP choline, alpha GPC) to prevent headaches whilst potentiate its effects.