Noopept - The Latest Nootropic

24/03/2014 Tags: all, beginners, science

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One important flagship Nootropic is Noopept. A team funded by Russian pharmaceutical company JSC LEKKO, began studies by simulating brain injury in the laboratory. This allowed scientists to effectively tests different compounds to determine their use at combating neuronal death. One method adopted, involved starving a brain of oxygen, and testing different compounds efficacy at restoring or preventing brain damage. After extensive trial, scientists successfully identified a compound called Noopept which they developed and subsequently had licensed as a nootropic treatment for alcohol induced brain damage. When rats where starved of oxygen, the neuronal death was significantly reduced when Noopept was administered. It was found that Noopept possessed neuro-protective properties in addition to the usual cognition enhancing properties of a nootropic Racetam compound. Furthermore, Noopept could be seen to actually stimulate neurons to re-grow via expression of NGF and BDNF, which is a huge breakthrough as this can reverse the effects of brain damage and could even help those with severed spinal cords to walk again.

Although the focus of these Racetam nootropics is on treatment of neurodegenerative disorders, in many cases, the exact same beneficial effects apply to completely healthy humans, allowing cognition to be enhanced further than was ever possible. The reason this is not widely publicised is because many people have the idea that we should not be allowed to improve ourselves beyond normal function, this idea is further supported by the general lack of funding and interest into nootropic use in the healthy.  

Negative side effects are the first concern of both the consumer and the pharmaceutical companies. Many scientists regard the Racetam family of nootropics to be "safe drugs” with extremely low instances of adverse effects. Moreover, many nootropics have the ability to actually protect the brain from future cell death, and can even stimulate neuronal re-growth as seen with Noopept. Out of the few identified side effects, most are simply mild headaches which actually stop once the drug is discontinued. In fact, most of the mild headache caused by nootropics is simply down to an inadequate amount of Choline in the body due to poor diet. As many Racetam nootropics act around acetylcholine, it is as simple as supplementing yourself with a source of Choline such as Citicholine.

I share the common, unheard opinion that many nootropics supplements will actually become fully mainstream in the years to come. People are slowly realising the ignorance and stupidity of those who do  not to take something which can improve thier mental function without any downsides. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is inhumane to deprive our infinitely intelligent species of a tool with so many benefits to society.