Melanotan and Melanotan II: A Review

13/05/2015 Tags: all

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. Melanotan are strictly for research purposes only. Any undesirable effects associated with intake of this peptide are sole responsibility of the user.

Does the word “melanotan” ring a word? What about melanotan I or II? Surely, you must have heard or read about it somewhere, somehow! For starters, melanotan is actually a peptide, a tanning peptide to be exact. It is a popular type of peptide that helps increase your body’s ability to produce more melanin – a substance that actually gives the skin a deep tan. Melanin is your body’s protection against the harmful rays of the sun, specifically ultraviolet (UV) rays. This defense response darkens your skin to protect you from further damage. See, dark skin or a deep, tanned skin could help prevent other dangerous health problems such as skin cancer.

With our ozone layer unable to totally protect us from the harmful rays of the sun like it used to be, there is a way to avoid lots of exposure from UV radiation, the burning and peeling process or dehydration in achieving that deep, natural tan you’ve always wished for. This melanotan peptide is the easiest way to reach this dream of yours without so much hassle and pain. In this blog article, we will be discussing about this highly celebrated peptide. Some points of discussion include the legality of purchasing melanotan, its uses, background and mechanism.

What is melanotan?

Melanotan and melanotan II are alpha-melanocyte stimulation hormone (a-MSH) analogs. A-MSH is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for numerous organs functioning including sexual arousal, libido, appetite, skin pigmentation as well as hair pigmentation. Skin tanning is highly desirable amongst bodybuilders as it accentuate an individual’s muscularity. Note however that libido and sexual function increase are exclusive to melanotan II supplementation.

How does it work?

Once you are exposed to the sun, a-MSH immediately reacts to stimulate the production of melanin from your skin. Melanin is a brown skin pigment that is responsible for skin tanning. Put it simply, if there is more a-MSH (for instance, you’ve been exposed under the sun for hours), greater skin pigmentation occurs.

History of melanotan

This peptide was developed during the 1980s in the University of Arizona. Despite the beneficial effects associated with it, numerous Western countries have warned users to stop supplementing with any melanotan products due to unknown and potential severe side effects. Currently however, both melanotan I and II are undergoing some clinical trials aiming to prove that it is an effective medicinal product.

An Australian pharmaceutical company currently has a marketing right of this peptide. This company aims to sell synthetic a-MSJ variants among individuals suffering from UV exposure adverse reactions including Actinic Keratosis (also known as solar keratosis or AK) and Polymorphous Light eruption (PMLE). In these conditions, the skin is unable to tolerate UV resulting to itching, painful, burning sensations, lumps, severe sores or lesions growth. Note however that this peptide cannot be used to treat albinos. The primary problem with albinos is not the lack of a-MSH but the absence of melanocyte receptors.

On the other hand, a US based company has focused on the use of melanotan II. Their primary market target includes individuals suffering from sexual dysfunction, particularly erectile dysfunction. Clinical trials of this said company have also shown promising results in treating sexual dysfunction amongst females.

Is it legal to purchase melanotan?

Many countries have warned their citizens not to use or stop using any melanotan variants due to the potential side effects it might cause. It is not a controlled substance in the UK and the US, hence, you can legally possess and purchase them for personal supply or use. Note however that many countries have warned online sellers not to sell it for human use unless it has a product license. Since it does not have a Marketing Authorisation or a product license, marketing melanotan variants is considered not legal.

Are there any side effects associated with melanotan use?

Before purchasing melanotan, you must be aware that there are side effects associated with its use. Some side effects include nausea, facial flushing, vomiting, fatigue, injection site reactions (e.g. pain), lethargy, dizziness, headache and itching. These side effects are experienced by users on the first few days of melanotan use and are expected to go away on its own. Please be reminded however that melanotan use can cause some severe adverse events such as anaphylactic shock.


 Melanotan appears to be a very effective treatment for some skin pigmentation problems or simply to achieve that deep beautiful time without so much a hassle in exposing your body under the sun for several weeks. Despite all these benefits, a host of side effects are likely to occur. Hence, it is important that you exercise strict precautions in taking this peptide before purchasing any personal supply.