Legality of Noopept in Australia, Canada, UK and USA

24/02/2015 Tags: all

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not endorse intake of noopept or any nootropic agent. Any undesirable effects from intake of noopept are sole responsibility of the user.

What is noopept?

Noopept is a smart prescription drug developed, patented and is currently being produced in Russia. It belongs to a non-classified family of drugs known as nootropics – non-addictive, non-toxic and non-dangerous drug class. It was first manufactured and retailed by JSC LEKKO Pharmaceuticals during the late 1970s. Today, it is a prescription drug for cognitive improvement and neurological disorders in Russia and its neighboring countries. Noopept is derived from racetams although it is dubbed as a thousand times more potent than its parent compound, piracetam.

Discovery of noopept

Noopept was reportedly discovered as JSC LEKKO Pharmaceuticals are attempting to develop a pramiracetam prototype. Instead of creating the said nootropic agent, they came up with noopept. In 1995, it reached USA for patent application. Nonetheless, it was not yet approved by the US FDA and European Medicines Agency for human use.

What are the benefits of noopept?

Animal studies have shown that noopept has numerous potential benefits. One of the most common cited benefits associated with noopept is its neuroprotective abilities. Nooepept is said to protect the brain from deterioration due to mechanical or physical injuries, aging-related brain deterioration and free radical damage. Some studies also revealed that noopept has the ability to improve cognition and memory. Anecdotal evidence shows that noopept can restore memory and cognitive functions amongst noopept users. These preclinical evidences have motivated researchers to find out whether noopept is useful in treating some specific types of brain disorders and organic injuries of the CNS.

Is noopept legal?

Each nation has their own law pertaining about the legality of all substances being produced, imported and exported out of their shores. For instance, vitamin supplements (e.g. D-vitamins, B-vitamins) are very common throughout the globe; hence, the legal status of these drugs will never be questioned. However, nootropic drugs like noopept, piracetam and other popular nootropic agents may be perceived differently by varying world governments.

Noopept legality in USA

In USA, noopept is an unscheduled substance, hence, it is legal for anyone living in any US states to purchase, possess and use noopept. Regulated substances in the US are edientified as controlled or scheduled substance under their law. For instance, prescribed drugs are controlled compounds and all of them have specific schedules assigned on it. It is therefore important that interested individuals get a prescription from their doctor to gain access of their preferred nootropics. Put it simply, noopept is legal to use in the US if purchased online or imported outside the country for personal use.

Note however that noopept has not been approved for human use by the US food and Drug Administration (US FDA). Hence, though it appears like noopept is legal for use, selling and advertising this nootropic substance is limited. Legal restriction might be given directly to retailers and suppliers. As such, it might be difficult for most people to find a stock of noopept on any physical or brick and mortar supplement or health stores in the US.

Noopept legality in Australia

Upon checking Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, noopept is neither on the list of poisons nor on the S4 or schedule 4 prescription drug categories. Hence, it may be sold within the country. Despite this, some reports from sellers and suppliers revealed that TGA have warned them to desist selling noopept. Noopept and other racetamic nootropic agents are said to fall under the analogue law. The Australian analogue law encompasses a broad range of banned drugs and substances; hence, one must be very careful in selling nootropic drugs. Some have extrapolated that noopept and other more potent nootropic substances are being regulated on some states in Australia one of which includes New South Wales (NSW).

Noopept legality in Canada

Noopept is one of the most popular cognitive enhancing drugs amongst Canadians. The drug regulatory body of Canada requires prescribed substances to be registered. Drugs that needs prescription and have been approved for human consumption will be given a Drug Identification Number (DIN). As of writing this article, noopept is not a controlled, regulated nor a scheduled drug under Canadian law. Hence, you may be able to import noopept from outside the country for personal use only. You are not allowed to import noopept in Canada for commercial or for distribution purposes. You may import a stock of noopept that may last for 3 months at a time only.

Noopept legality in UK

Similar to Canadian laws, noopept is not prohibited for use in the UK. You may import it in small quantities and it does not currently require any prescription.

In buying noopept, it is critical that you always check the laws of the country you are currently living in or if you are planning to travel somewhere. You might also want to check frequently as laws changes continuously. One nootropic drug might be legal for use in your region today and may be banned the next week. Note that ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse once a particular drug is labeled as prohibited.