Hexarelin: Efficiency from study results

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Hexarelin is a member of the growth factor family which is known for its ability to stimulate the production of growth hormones. It is a synthetic hexapeptide that does not interfere with the natural ability of the body to release its own growth hormones. Structurally, hexarelin has a very similar structure with GHRP-6. What makes hexarelin unique amongst other GHRP’s is its inability to rapidly increase the levels of ghrelin in the stomach which is responsible for appetite increase due to quick gastric emptying.

This synthetic growth hormone is made up of six amino compoundss. It is one of the most powerful peptides available in the market today because of its excellent ability to release growth hormones in the human body. Studies regarding hexarelin have shown that it is able to decrease visceral fat. Moreover, it has been identified to act synergistically with other GHRH such as modified GRF 1-29 and Sermorelin. Although its mechanism of action is not yet fully understood, administration of hexarelin is thought to increase insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in the liver. IGF-1 is a crucial element in muscle growth from the stimulation of growth hormones. Anecdotal evidence further shows that this specific peptide is able to improve muscle mass, promote significant fat reduction and increased strength particularly on extreme physical activities.

Is hexarelin efficient in producing its purported effects?

Studies about the beneficial effects of hexarelin are limited. Nonetheless, it is easy to notice that there are conflicting results. In this article, we will summarize the results of some major studies done to assess the efficiency of hexarelin. For more information about these studies, you may click the link.

Effects of repeated hexarelin administration

This random study was performed by a group of researchers aiming to identify the effects of two intravenous boluses of hexarelin. Six healthy adult males were involved in the study. Single boluses of hexarelin were intravenously administered to the study participants. Second boluses were given 60 to 120 minutes after the first administration. Control study was done wherein participants were intravenously administered with saline. To assess the levels of serum growth hormones, radioimmunoassay was used as a measuring tool. After data collection and deconvolution analysis, results revealed that the peak growth hormone secretion was increased after the first intravenous bolus. Further analysis revealed that co-administration of the two hexarelin intravenous boluses has significantly increased peak growth hormone secretion rates as compared to isolated administration of hexarelin. This study therefore concludes that hexarelin is a very potent growth hormone secretagogue that remains active after two successive doses. This study also found out that hexarelin and GHRH (1-29) – NH2 has synergistic properties. This means that the effects of both peptides are increased when used in combination. However, this property is lost after repetitive administration of the drugs. This study shows that hexarelin may be an effective substance in promoting growth hormones in the body.

Effects of long-term hexarelin therapy

Another study has evaluated the effects of growth hormone release in adults. This study lasted for 16 weeks wherein study participants received hexarelin therapy. The researchers primarily aimed to assess the effects of prolonged hexarelin therapy on IGF binding protein-3, bone formation markers, bone mineral density, body composition, and serum IGF-1. Analysis of the study results revealed that there was a substantial change in the growth hormones curved over the study period. IGF binding protein-3 and IGF-1 have not significantly changed/ only the serum c-terminal type 1 collagen propeptide was significantly changed while other markers such as none mineral density, lean body mass and body fat has not changed substantially. Conclusively, this study shows that prolonged hexarelin therapy leads to reversible and partial increase of growth hormone as a response to hexarelin administration. This only means that the biological impact of hexarelin is minimal requiring further investigation.


The first study revealed significant improvements while the second study showed minimal effects. Despite these conflicting results, there is no denying that hexarelin may be an effective therapy for individuals who wants to increase their lean body mass, reduce fat and promote increased muscle tissues.

What are the side effects of hexarelin therapy?

Unlike most GHRP’s, hexarelin does not cause increased appetite. Nonetheless, users may experience several side symptoms such as slight headaches and feelings of sudden head rush. To avoid these effects, prospective users must use lower doses of hexarelin on their initial use and only increase it when their body is able to adjust with its effects.

Buy hexarelin

Hexarelin is available on numerous online and physical stores that cater to the needs of athletes and bodybuilders. When buying online however, users must ensure that they are able to buy from trustworthy sellers.