Centrophenoxine: The Best Nootropic for Longevity?

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Centrophenoxine (also known as meclofenoxate) is among the lesser known nootropics. It is structurally similar to DMAE and classed amongst the cholinergic nootropics. Centrophenoxine is considered to be a fairly versatile nootropic, and is commonly used with other cognitive enhancing supplements to potentiate their effects. This supplement can not only improve memory function, enhance intelligence and boost mental energy, but also has a wide range of neuroprotective effects making it perhaps one of the best nootropics for promoting longevity.

The Benefits and Effects of Centrophenoxine

Originally developed to combat cognitive deficits associated with senility and old age, this compound is now used extensively as a cognitive enhancer. Centrophenoxine is thought to increase synaptic plasticity which may explain its effectiveness in treating age-related memory loss. However, similar enhancements to memory are also seen in healthy individuals using this supplement making it an ideal nootropic to use while studying. Centrophenoxine is able to boost intelligence by increasing long term and working memory stores, thus increasing both crystallised and fluid intelligence.

Many users also report that Centrophenoxine also provides them with stimulant like effects, increasing focus and levels of perceived mental energy. This can help to counteract the fatigue that comes with long periods of mental exertion.

Not only this, but Centrophenoxine also appears to have some neuroprotective mechanisms, protecting against the effects of brain damage caused by advancing age, drugs (including the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol), toxins and strokes. These protective mechanisms are numerous, making Centrophenoxine perhaps one of the best nootropics for maintaining brain health.

Additionally, it has a number of clinical applications and is used alongside other forms of treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia to improve their effectiveness. There is also on-going research into the ability of this supplement to improve mood and perhaps even treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

How Does Centrophenoxine Work?

Although the mechanisms of this supplement are still somewhat unclear, there is a general consensus amongst the scientific community that Centrophenoxine functions primarily as a cholinergic supplement. It is structurally similar to DMAE which acts as an acetylcholine precursor molecule; however Centrophenoxine is more easily absorbed by the body making it more effective. By providing more choline as a precursor, we are able to increase production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Unfortunately,  a majority of the population is deficient in choline, with only 10% of people acquiring a sufficient amount of this substance from dietary sources. This is why it is often necessary to use supplements like Centrophenoxine in order to promote proper brain function. This cholinergic action also makes Centrophenoxine an ideal accompaniment to other nootropics like racetams which increase the body’s demand for such choline sources.

Synapse CentrophenoxineIncreasing acetylcholine levels is known to result in a number of benefits. Higher levels of this neurotransmitter result in greater synaptic plasticity. This refers to your brains ability to form, destroy, strengthen and weaken the links (synapses) between neurons that represent memories and information in the brain. Therefore, a brain that can perform these functions more efficiently will be able to more effectively create and store memories in both short and long term.

Many of the mechanism that contributes to improved memory also serve to enhance intelligence. Though conventionally defined by IQ, intelligence is more comprehensively represented in the idea of crystallised and fluid intelligence. Crystallised intelligence refers to the collective amount of prior knowledge we have stored in long-term memory and is what we commonly refer to as geeks. Centrophenoxine can improve our capacity of long term memory, and thus increase our crystallised intelligence. The other form of intelligence is called fluid intelligence and refers to our ability to problem solve, recognise patterns, reason and think logically. This type of intelligence is dependent on our working memory (sometimes referred to as short term memory). Again Centrophenoxine, with consistent use, can increase this type of memory. As a result, we will be able to simultaneously manipulate more information which represents a higher level of fluid intelligence.

As well as enhancing cognition, this supplement has a number of mechanisms that can protect against various forms of damage. Under normal conditions, cells in our bodies produce molecules known as free-radicals. These free-radicals contain an unpaired electron in their outer atomic shell which makes the molecule highly reactive and unstable. When such molecules react with biological structures they cause oxidative damage and may in turn produce additional free-radicals. Centrophenoxine, along with other antioxidants, work by losing an electron to free-radicals while still remaining stable, and in doing so negate the potential for oxidative damage.

Prolonged use of Centrophenoxine has also shown to protect against certain toxins. As we age, the efficiency with which the body can remove waste products like lipofuscin and excess potassium is decreased. Given time, these substances can accumulate and impair brain function, and many researchers consider this a causal factor in neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Using Centrophenoxine can significantly reduce the build-up of such substances, thus increasing the brains electrical conductivity. As a result the brain functions more efficiently and is less likely to succumb to cognitive deficits.

Centrophenoxine possesses an additional mechanism that may counteract the symptoms of age-related cognitive decline. This concerns increasing the production of a substance known as ribonucleic acid (RNA). RNA is involved in the process of gene expression where the genetic code from DNA molecules is used to produce the various proteins that they code for. These proteins can be anything from haemoglobin in blood, to muscle fibres and enzymes. By increasing the amount of RNA present we can effectively increase protein turnover, and it is this mechanisms that is responsible for Centrophenoxine’s anti-ageing effects.

Centrophenoxine side effectsThe recommended dosage for Centrophenoxine is in the range of 500 to 1,000mg although those using this supplement for its anti-ageing properties may require significantly more. This dosage can be taken in one administration or divided into several. As this supplement increases alertness and mental energy, it is advised to use it early in the day to avoid disruptions to sleep patterns. As with any supplement, and particularly if you plan to use higher dosages for anti-ageing purposes, you should consult a doctor before using Centrophenoxine.

Potential Side Effects of Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine like most nootropics is considered to be safe and well tolerated, with a very low level of toxicity when recommended dosages and guidelines are followed. However, there are a few side effects that should be noted, although these generally only occur with excessive dosages. Though there are currently no known interactions with other types of medication, those using any type of prescription should consult their doctor before using Centrophenoxine. Common side effects that have been reported include nausea, headaches, dizziness, gastrointestinal distress, irritability and jaw clenching. If any of these symptoms occur you are advised to stop using Centrophenoxine immediately and consult a doctor for further advice.