CJC 1293 Profile Overview

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Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not encourage intake of CJC 1293 or any synthetic peptides/nootropics listed on this site. Any undesirable results from intake of CJC 1293 are sole responsibility of the user.

If you are reading this post, you might have heard of CJC 1293 already. Basically, CJC 1293 is a growth hormone that promotes numerous beneficial effects to the human body including anabolic effects, fat loss and cell regeneration, repair and reproduction. These benefits make it a highly interesting growth hormone that is surely worthy of our attention. In this blog article, we will be explaining how CJC 1293 is able to produce such effects and provide an overview of the studies that were done to evaluate its efficacy and safety.

What is CJC 1293?

CJC is the modified version of what we can call as the parent peptide of all CJC products such as Semorellin or GRF 129. CJC 1293 and CJC 1293, despite being relatives, are quite different from one another. First, CJC 1293 has an addition of DAC or the Drug Affinity Complex on its 30th amino compounds. This simple addition actually extends the half-life of CJC 1293 as compared to Semorellin. The second difference on the other hand includes a single swapping of amino compounds on the second position of CJC 1293.

Compared to Semorellin, the half-life described on studies assessing the effects of CJC 1293 reflects that the latter has longer effects. Nonetheless, these effects are much shorter than your typical CJC 1295 0 another CJC variation. Still, it is important to note that all these three peptides increases IGF and growth hormone production - the only difference of which includes the duration of the release of these hormones. Despite the differences between these three substances, experts have noticed that combining them with a growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP) (e.g. GHRP 6 or GHRP 2), could produce synergistic effects when it comes to growth hormone release. Combining GHR’s and CJC’s is thought to help in controlling growth hormone release patterns amongst users. For instance, both Semorellin and GHRP will help elicit a growth hormone pulse release while CJC 1293 elevate growth hormone levels for longer periods. This combination could help promote a steady growth hormone pulse and growth hormone levels.

How does CJC 1293 works?

Studies show that CJC 1293 works through increasing the levels of growth hormones amongst its users. This mechanism is able to occur through the agonist capacity of the ghrelin receptor, also known as growth hormone secretagauge receptor (GHSR). Ghrelin receptors signal the pituitary gland to increase the production of growth hormone which also promotes an increase in IGF.

Looking closely, these hormones are critical, how so? Let’s take a look on the role of these hormones on our body processes.

In healthy human bodies, large quantities of growth hormones are stored in the pituitary gland. The cells in the pituitary gland produce growth hormone as a response to the signals transmitted by growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) and ghrelin (wherein growth hormone releasing peptides – GHRPs are mimetics). The release of these stores however is prevented by somatostatin. Ghrelin and GHRH works on different types of growth hormone releasing cells of somatotropes. Either of the two increases the number of somatotropes that promotes growth hormone release. GHRH influences the number of secreting cells and the amount of which they produce. Ghrelin and GHRH are then released on particular patterns depending on the current environment or event (e.g. age, physical development, disease state, post-exercise, sleeping).

What are the benefits of CJC 1293 use?

Anecdotal and clinical evidence show that CJC 1293 promotes the following benefits:

  • Primarily, CJC 1293 has anabolic effects. It greatly helps with lipid metabolism and fat loss.
  • Promotes cell regeneration, repair and reproduction.

For these reasons, it has caught the attention of bodybuilders and athletes who are receptive of newly developed novel peptides such as CJC 1293. It is an ideal peptide supplement amongst the bodybuilding community not only because it helps in building and developing muscle mass but also in repairing muscle tissues and cells right after extreme physical activities.

Buy CJC 1293

CJC 1293 is available in vials as a free dried powder. You need to purchase CJC 1293 along with syringes and bacteriostatic or sterile water. It needs to be reconstituted before usage. Leftover reconstituted CJC 1293 must be stored in the refrigerator while unreconstituted