Aniracetam - A Nootropics for Anxiety and Intelligence

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What is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is one of the most popular nootropic supplements, first developed by the Belgian pharmaceutical company Hoffmann La-Roche. It belongs to the racetam class of supplements much like piracetam, but appears to be significantly more potent than its predecessor (around ten times the strength) with some additional benefits included.  As well as enhancing cognition and memory, Aniracetam also appears to have significant anxiolytic effects. This supplement has been studied extensively and is widely considered to be safe, with low levels of toxicity making it safe for use by most healthy adults. However, before using this nootropic supplement it is a good idea to gain some understanding of how it works,  the benefits it can provide and some of the potential side effects.


Aniracetam BooksWhat Benefits Can Aniracetam Provide?

Though personal experiences can be highly subjective, the main benefit that most users see is an improvement in cognitive performance, particularly when concerning the ability to learn and remember. Some users will find that they develop an almost photographic memory, being able to easily recall almost everything they have committed to memory, while others may see more subtle effects, with an increased ability to remember small or easily overlooked details.

Aniracetam can also provide the user with a greater level of focus and many users often report that their attention span is significantly increased, while they are also able to maintained concentration with greater ease. These benefits can also serve to enhance mental fluidity, allowing a user to carry out even routine tasks effortlessly.

It is interesting to note that different users report contradictory mood and energy effects when using this supplement; while some find that Aniracetam provides them with increased amounts of energy and a boost in alertness levels, others report that is has more of a calming effect on them. It is likely the case that this supplements effects in this regard are more dependant on your mood at the time of using it. Those who suffer from high levels of anxiety and nervousness are more likely to see calming effects, particularly if the symptoms are caused by an imbalance of brain biochemistry.


How Does Aniracetam Work?

Despite the many advancements in modern medicine and our understanding of the brain, the workings of this complex organ are still not fully understood, and thus neither are the mechanisms of supplements that affect it. While we do not have a comprehensive pharmacological understanding of these supplements, there are a number of widely supported and scientifically sound theories.


Aniracetam Brain

After the supplement is ingested it is absorbed by the small intestine, reaching maximum blood concentration levels after approximately 20 to 30 minutes. It is circulated towards the head where it passes across the blood brain barrier, before entering the brain. Here, the supplement binds to receptors that correspond to acetylcholine, thus propagating activity in cholinergic systems. This is believed to be the primary mechanism from which many of Aniracetams benefits are derived; as acetylcholine is intimately linked to cognitive abilities, including our capacity to learn and remember information. Aniracetam is also considered to be an ampakine which means it can bind to AMPA receptors that normally respond to glutamate. This causes the receptors to become more sensitive to the presence of glutamate which is significant as glutamatergic systems have been implicated in learning and memory, particularly in the process known as long-term potentiation that aids in memory consolidation.

Aniracetam is also thought to increase extracellular levels of two other major neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. Both of these substances are linked to the regulation of mood, among other things, and by providing optimal levels of these neurotransmitters, we can help to correct chemical imbalances that are linked to anxiety and other mood disorders. Cognitive enhancement and mood modulation often go hand in hand as the individuals who use nootropics (mostly students and business executives) are usually subjected to a lot of stress as a result of their situations. Such negative moods can serve as a distraction and have a dramatic impact on concentration, cognitive ability and overall productivity.

What are the Potential Side Effects of Aniracetam?

Aniracetam, like most nootropics, is considered to be quite safe and well tolerated with low levels of toxicity. In fact it is rated as being lower in toxicity than your average table salt. Since its development there have been no reports of dangerous side effects, although it should be noted that a small number of users have reported side effects of a mild nature. Side effects are quite rare and are generally only seen when the recommended dosage is exceeded. The most commonly reported side effect is headaches, usually a result of choline depletion. Aniracetam, like other racetam supplements, increases acetylcholine activity creating a greater demand for its precursor choline. However as most individuals are deficient in choline it is often necessary to supplement dietary intake with high quality choline sources like Citicoline which should aid in negating headaches experienced with Aniracetam use. Other common complaints experienced with high dosages include nervousness and gastrointestinal distress, in which case you should reduce your dosage or discontinue using the supplement.

Aniracetam Dosage

The recommended dosage for most users is around 500 to 3,000mg a day. Due to Aniracetam’s low bioavailability, this amount should be divided into two to three equally sized administrations taken throughout the day to ensure a consistent supply. Unlike other racetams, Aniracetam is lipid soluble and it is suggested that you take this supplement with a meal or  a glass of milk, fish oil supplements, or other source of lipids to facilitate absorption into the bloodstream. As with any nootropic or dietary supplement it is advised that you consult a health care practitioner before using Aniracetam.

Aniracetam Stacks

Aniracetam PillsAlthough some users may find Aniracetam to be sufficient as a standalone supplement, most find that using it as part of a stack affords a wider range of more potent benefits. As well as combining Aniracetam with a choline source as mentioned earlier, you may also wish to try it as part of a PAO stack that utilises the racetams Phenylpiracetam, Aniracetam and Oxiracetam. Each of these racetams offers slightly different benefits and can result in emergent effects when taken together.



Some users also choose to cycle Aniracetam with other racetams in order to avoid building a tolerance. For example, you could use Oxiracetam during the morning in order to enhance focus and Aniracetam later in the day which will promote feelings of relaxation. The best stack for you personally will no doubt be one tailored to your individual requirements, so it is a good idea to experiment with different combinations and dosages of nootropics.