All about PRL-8-53

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Please note: PRL-8-53 is not for human consumption. It is intended for research purposes only. We do not endorse PRL-8-53 use. This article is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

PRL-8-53 has been categorized as a nootropic compound. Unlike most nootropics however, there are minimal research studies that has been conducted to assess its effects on both humans and animals. These studies are even conducted by its previous patent holder. Anecdotal evidence from users showed that this chemical is effective in improving sense of well-being, productivity and motivation to work. Still, we suggest that you take extreme precautions when taking this drug. To help you in learning more about this novel agent, a review on PRL-8-53 is discussed below.

What is PRL-8-53?

PRL-8-53 is a nootropic compound that is primarily intended as a research chemical. It was initially synthesized by Dr. Nikolaus Hansl during the 1970s while he was working in Creighton University. This chemical has been named after Hansl’s company – that is Pacific Research Lab which stands for PRL.

Hansl have created PRL-8-53 as a part of his study on amino ethyl meta benzoic acid esters. He created PRL-8-53 from phenylmethylamine and benzoic acid. As such, it is named as methyl 3-(2-(benzyl(methyl)amino)ethyl)benzoate. Similar to most nootropic drugs, this chemical is not present on any dietary resources available. Therefore, if you would like to personally experience its purported beneficial effects, you must take this laboratory synthesized drug.

How does PRL-8-53 work?

With very minimal studies (one human study and several other animal studies) conducted to evaluate the effects of PRL-8-53, its mechanism of action remains unknown. In creating its patent however, Dr. Hansl stated that it functions through enhancing the response of the brain towards acetylcholine. In his study, he suggested that it has cholinergic mechanisms. To some extent, it has been said to act as a dopamine agonist. It is also said to potentiate the release of dopamine whilst partially inhibit the release of serotonin – all of which helps in improving learning motivation amongst users.

What are the benefits of PRL-8-53?

Memory improvement

In a lone study conducted on humans, participants were given a dose (5 mg) of PRL-8-53 approximately 120 to 150 minutes prior to cognitive testing. Participants were made to recollect certain monosyllabic words to test for memory improvement. Results of this study have shown that there are relatively large improvement in short-term memory with a single dose of this drug. This only shows that PRL-8-53 has potent effects in enhancing recall and memory.

Anxiolytic properties

Despite absence of published studies, there is an anecdotal evidence that PRL-8-53 can improve anxiety. Many users claimed that this particular chemical decreases their anxiety, improve their mood and make them feel better. These purported benefits now requires further inquiry and study.

Improved social abilities

Subjective reports from users reveal that PRL-8-53 is able to increase their ability to socialize. Some people report that they felt less anxious and nervous when presenting projects/proposals to their clients/employees after ingesting this drug. Some also claimed that they are able to make small talks and extend conversation with others which they are normally unable to do. Again, this benefit warrants further study.

Enhanced geometric pattern and math tests

Although it remains unsupported by published studies, users and online reviews have revealed that PRL-8-53 can help in enhancing geometric pattern and improve math test results. The study conducted by the creator himself has shown that users have stronger ability to recall geometric patterns on their mind and draw it afterwards. Notably, it is also able to improve arithmetic abilities of some users. In one review, an abstract painter even reported that he is able to produce one of his best paintings after intake of PRL-8-53. In his subjective report, he stated that he was able to finish his painting with clear and sharp focus.

Improved verbal fluency

Dr. Hansl also claims that PRL-8-53 can improve once verbal fluency. Results of his study have shown that verbal fluency amongst participants was significantly improved after intake. Despite this lone study, many users and online reviewers have vouched that PRL-8-53 can improve verbal fluency. This is actually evidenced by the increased sociability and ability to spark conversations amongst others.


In taking PRL-8-53, there are certain precautions that you must always bear in mind. These precautions include:

   •  Take PRL-8-53 on recommended dosage. Do not attempt to overdose.

   •  If you are suffering from any medical condition, lactating, pregnant or is taking other medication, consult your doctor immediately.

   •  There are no information as to what stack is PRL-8-53 compatible, hence, we suggest that you take it without combining to other nootropic agents.

   •  Take a lower dose (than recommended) when you are about to start taking this nootropic to assess and evaluate how your body reacts to it.