Advantages of GHRP 2 over HGH

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Please note: This article is for informational purposes only. We do not encourage intake of GHRP 2 or any synthetic peptides/nootropics listed on this site. Any undesirable results from intake of GHRP 2 are sole responsibility of the user.

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRPs) were discovered 2 decades ago. It was identified as a synthetic amino compoundss derived from tissues. These substances act similarly with Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH) despite the fact that it bears no semblance to the structural homology of GHRH. Clinical studies further show that GHRP 2, one of the more popular GHRPs, was able to act on the pituitary gland through promoting Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production.

What is GHRP 2?

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 (GHRP 2) is a synthetic peptide that acts through stimulating the natural ability of the pituitary gland to produce your body’s endogenous HGH (human growth hormone). GHRP 2 is taken daily via the sublingual route. Research has shown that taking this peptide sublingually can effectively increase growth hormone levels even in children.

GHRP 2 has the ability to robustly increase the levels of IGF-1 in the body. Anecdotal evidence even shows that combining this peptide with Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) could provide greater results. Combination of these two peptides could potentially improve growth hormone production primarily because both has the ability to increase to stimulate natural production of human growth hormone (HGH) in the pituitary gland as well as boost the function of hypothalamus. The most potent type of GHRP is known to be hexapeptide GHRP 2.

How does GHRP 2 works?

The exact mechanism of GHRP 2 is not yet fully understood. Nonetheless, experts revealed that it works through two different mechanisms. First, it increases the release of growth hormones through amplifying or improving the transduction pathway signal of the natural GHRH. Lastly, it inhibits the action of somatostatin thereby increasing endogenous growth hormone levels.

GHRP 2 primarily works through activating your pituitary gland which then leads to increased production of natural growth hormones. This synthetic peptide therefore improves your body’s own ability to produce GH bringing about the natural functionality of hormone production without causing adverse events associated with the use of synthetic growth hormones.

How to use GHRP 2

GHRP 2 can be taken via different routes. You may inject it subcutaneously, take it via oral (sublingual route) or intranasal.  The sublingual and intranasal route is effective alternatives to taking synthetic HGH. Both offer not only efficiency in providing results, these routes are well tolerated and prevent you from experiencing pain with injection administration. No matter what your preferred route is, you must take a daily dose of GHRP 2.

What are the benefits of GHRP 2 supplementation?

Benefits associated with daily use of GHRP 2 includes

  • Reverse aging effects in adults due to decreased levels of growth hormones in the body
  • Decreases belly fat through promotion of lipolysis
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Protects and strengthens your heart
  • Improves your immune system
  • Increases your endurance and physical performance
  • Enhances your vitality and energy
  • Improves desire and sex drive through hypothalamic stimulation
  • Increases the production of IGF-1 in as much as 50% during the first week of supplementation
  • Improves you sleep patterns
  • Improves bone strength through increasing bone mineralization and bone density
  • Promotes glucogenesis in the liver
  • Decreases glucose uptake in the liver
  • Improves vision and eyesight
  • Increasing synthesis of protein

What are the advantages of GHRP 2 use over HGH?

GHRP 2 supplementation offers several advantages over human growth hormone replacement therapy. These advantages include:

  • GHRP has the ability to improve the natural production of growth hormones in the human body. HGH replacement therapy on the other hand only offers exogenous human growth hormone production and it may even decrease the body’s ability to naturally produce growth hormones.
  • Using GHRP 2 in combination with HGH can greatly help in boosting natural growth hormone production as compared to HGH therapy alone.
  • Using HGH alone could cause undesirable effects and even suppresses your body’s ability to synthesize human growth hormones. Fortunately, GHRP 2 has not shown any of these side effects.
  • Human growth hormones should only be administered through the subcutaneous route as growth hormone has a relatively short half-life rendering them ineffective when taken orally. GHRP 2 on the other hand may be delivered in multiple routes. It may be taken sublingually, intranasal or through subcutaneous injections. Both intranasal and sublingual routes have shown to be effective producing remarkable results which are comparable to subcutaneous injection. This might be due to the fact that the human oral mucosa has a rich supply of blood vessels thus directly offering entry of the drug into your systemic circulation. As such, speedy onset of action is evident even with either intranasal or sublingual route of GHRP 2 administration.